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    Hello at my terminal we have 4 full time positions and I was the next guy in line for a full time position. The guy above me quit I was told that once he left I would get the full time position. now that he left I'm being told they don't have the hour and I'm just getting the run around. Is there anything I can do for this like file a grievance or anything I didn't think it was allowed to just get rid of a position like this. Is there anything in the contract about this ? can someone please help been waiting 3 years for this position.
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    I would doubt there is anything in the freight contract that says they can't cut areas. They do that at UPS when technology advances. Maybe that is why the guy, because he wasn't being worked enough.
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    But you don't know? Right
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    No I don't. That was the best advice given so far though.

    And darn good advice it was.
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    That ain't saying much. You were just padding your post count
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    No I didn't say much, but all that was needed.
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    If you're not senior enough to get an 8 hour guarantee then it doesn't matter that the other gentleman quit. It matters how many guys are below not how few guys are above you at freight.