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    I’m talking about nitrous stages.

    Trust me, I know a few things about cars and turbos. Actually a lot of things.... actually I tune cars via stand alone systems/rom writing systems, and have assemble race motors and transmission.

    I just giggle when people waste money making a slow car quick when they can start off with a much better platform. Any car your putting a “turbo kit” on is most likely a horrible platform for a proper build.
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    Not really it’s all about preference. Nitrous to me is only good if you want a car to take to the drag strip that’s not what I’m doing. Iv had a few Evo’s, 335i, etc. I’m actually putting a turbo on a e36 m3. You can get good power for relatively cheap. Cut ring spacer/headgasket to lower the compression, put a turbo on it you can get 500whp very I said it’s all preference. People put turbos on LSX all the time and I wouldn’t call them horrible by any means. But each to their own.. which cars do you tube out of curiosity? That’s a pretty good money making business so if your a ups driver and know all that makes me wonder why..
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    You sound legit. The term “turbo kit” is usually used by posers who slap on a 6psi turbo on their scions

    I have tuned rb25s, 2jz, 4g63 (my speciality) sr20s and ej25s. I use tactix/rom raider for the evos and stis, ecmlink for the old 4g63s and ems/power fc for the others. Haltech also has a nice little system out now. I don’t do it for money, I help friends out but mostly tune my own :censored2:. Tuning people’s cars is a very murky area. You put a proper tune 1/4 mile tune for e85 with lots of timing advance. They ask for an agressive tune to get a new best 1/4. Than these idiots will than proceed to do highway runs in 5th gear, the motor blows due to high egt and than they want to blame the tuner. It’s too much of a hassle and too many idiots to deal with. Stuff like that happens a lot. Guys will also throw on more mods with the specific tune you put on the car. Then the motor pops and they blame the tuner.

    I don’t want to get into too many details because everybody knows my car, but my current “race” car was 100% assembled, built, and tuned by me. The motor sees 34ish psi peak, 21 degrees timing advance and traps well into 130s on a stock frame turbo.
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    That is very true. I know whenever I dyno tuned my Evo’s I had to sign a waiver, plus it’s kinda common knowledge that anything can happen. I ran e85 on my Evo’s and loved the stuff as it keeps detonation down and you can turn up the boost great substitute for meth injection if it’s available early plus the 4g63 are amazing engine. I have a Evo 9 and a X the 4b11 are no slouch either. The tactrix cable and flash on the go is an awesome tune. My 335 had a stage 2 vvt turbo and I did a road tune on it where I did 3k-7k full send the file to the tuner he makes adjustments send it back and so on. Tuning was a thing I always wanted to know but just could grasp or cared that much for it. Funny story I sold my 335i and dude blew it up 2 weeks later lol.. and I agree on the term turbo kit but I used it more of a jest then anything, since there is no kit for the s5x engines in the e36s I’m basically piecing it together. But the engine can handle a lot of abuse without having to built the bottom end. On the Evo’s the tq has to be below 400 for the rods to last and building the engine isn’t something I was interested in since I’ve seen a lot of “built” engines last 1k then the builder blames the tuner and the tuner blames the builder and you really wasted the money then. Anywho good to know there are more car dudes here!
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    Yes. However, they can’t make 95 automatic cuz it’s impossible. Bull to the mother flippin sheets!
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    I got mine already feels good to have a a 9 sec car
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    wow! gimme a chevy 350 and ill throw a holly 4 barrel on top of a edelbrock manifold wit a crane cam wit some hooker headers mated to a turbo 400 trans with a b&m shift kit and stall converter wit 3:83 gears in the ass. ol skool!
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    Ya, nothing like a low 13 sec 4500lb boat. Gettin it!!
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    I have a pretty fast bicycle.
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    12 sec race car lol
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