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  1. upsr

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    Should Dale drive the big brown truck?

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  3. robonono

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    Not until UPS is ready to discontinue NASCAR sponsorship - it's such a great tag line, once we race the truck, it's lost.

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  4. upslocal480

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    <font color="0000ff">HELL NOOOOOOOOOO! The commercials are bad enough. They are so corny. I'm actually embarassed to be amongst friends watching a race when they are shown. I get hammered by them as if I have anything to do with the production of UPS's When the new ones were shown to us Tuesday at work during our PCM there was a loud laughter followed by 3 or 4 minutes of bashing the commercials. Actually, we made fun of how corny ALL the commercials were and not just the UPS Racing commerical. I think Jarrett actually feels the way about the commericals as he appears to in the commericals themselves. Well, that was my 2 cents and my opinion on the subject. [​IMG] </font>
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    480: I have many things in mind to say to you about your reaction to the commercials, but then I would be....well, never mind.

    [​IMG] (I feel better now.)

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  6. rushfan

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    The way things are going for Dale, Maybe he needs a new crew chief.
  7. over9five

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    Oh sure, let him drive it. He's just another UPS driver, just like me....
    Really, I hope he never drives one. I would find that insulting.
  8. pkg_commando

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    Why do we call it a "truck" when we know it is a "car".
  9. over9five

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    We only call it a "car" to fool the RMV into letting us all drive it with a Class 3 license!
  10. proups

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    Dale has a new crew chief. It is his last crew chief's little brother!
  11. upsidebrown

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    If he does drive the truck, I've got a 20 stop split for him.
  12. nascarfan1

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    theres only one DALE. And thats Dale Earnhardt Jr. I used to like dale jarret alittle until he started driving for the sweatshop
  13. upsdude

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    "I used to like dale jarret alittle until he started driving for the sweatshop"

    Apparently you think a lot of the old sweatshop, otherwise you wouldnt be reading up about UPS on the internet. Welcome to Brown Caf, we talk about UPS here.
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    If he drives the truck, we have to make sure he takes his lunch, plus his breaks.
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    If he drives the truck and wrecks it he'll have to drive a beat up P500 because it's the only spare truck in the building. Can't afford to fix em anymore!