Should the UPS Stores be unionized too? They sure need something...

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by beatenbrown, Jun 13, 2003.

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    <font color="aa00aa"><font face="arial,helvetica">Should UPS Store employees be entered into the union? Those poor bastards could use some muscle at the negotiating table. Look how they got the Gold Shaft!</font></font>
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    Should UPS Store employees be entered into the union?

    UPS Store "Employees" or Franchise "owners"?

    So far, the owners I've talked to are happy with this decision. And how can the employees be unhappy? This change just happened so what's to gripe about so early? It's just another counter job like the one's at Wal Mart or K Mart. Maybe you should go fight for them !

    You sound like some FedEx employee who's just trying to kick open a can of worms to make UPS look bad.
    A cowardly way of doing so.
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    Be carefull Feeder Theres some MBE guys thats been flaming the yahoo board. Once you give those guys an inch they never stop talking.
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    Do you think that the people at Mcdonlds get to choose?? No. They dont choose if they are going to have happy meals(my kids love happy meals)with toys in them. It is part of the franchise.
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    I was just confused over whom BeatenBrown was referring to. There's the owners of the franchise and then there's their employees. If he's referring to the owners, well then I know about how some of them are upset, and that's fine. That's why UPS gave them the option of switching or not switching. But, he said "employees" and so I'm trying to figure out how they got the so called "golden-shaft". I mean what were they getting before that they wouldn't be getting now?
    I think they would be getting more with the UPS name.
    But if they want to be Union, then that's their right too.
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    I think you should be worried about organizing FedEx and leave these UPS Store entrepeneurs alone. They chose this type of business to avoid that non sense.
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    Time to Organize!
    Our union lost 48,000 members last year according to official reports. The new IBT Organizing Director, Jeff Farmer, reports that we could lose 200,000 Teamsters by 2006. This isnt just a loss of numbers. This is a loss of Teamster power.
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    Gee, I wonder why........?
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    What kind of boost are you getting from organizing the revenue and customer counter clerks?
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    The union does not have a clue. If they acted like they even cared they wouldn't have everyone jumping ship. Here in Tennessee it takes 14 yrs to go fulltime. As a PT cover driver I have to take a $7hr pay cut for a FT combo job and then wait another couple years to get a real package position. It's bad enough that the company screws me, the union just likes to watch.
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    Please tell us how "the company screwed you". Isn't UPS following the agreement (contract) that was negotiated,
    the one that a majority of your brother teamsters accepted?
    As a member of the teamsters, you agreeded to accept all the provisions of this contract, not just the ones you like. This is one of the benefits of being part of the collective bargaining unit. I'm sure there are parts of the contract that UPS management doesn't agree with also, but the managers of UPS accept those parts and run the business acordingly. I suggest you do the same and life will go on. Noone gets everything they want in life, nor in a contract. Be happy with the things you got, and live with those you didn't.
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    YGBSM! Negotiating table? The poor dumb a$$es who signed GS had an opportunity to tell big Brown to fix it first, but the thundering herd couldn't wait to screw themselves.... The closes to coming to a negotiating table is when they finally have to go Chapter 7/11 whatever. They will be pleading to be left with the car and a roof. UPS will take everything else.
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    Who cares if vthey are union or not as long as it doesnt hurt our stock.
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    Dear confused

    Seek help!

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    Ok UPS Vette, I will jump on the soap box. This is not a black and white issue. I am a company man. I like UPS. I have a UPS account and my bill is usually more than UPS pays me a week. That being said, UPS screwed me and I feel the need to rant for the sake of ranting. First off, hello??? When has the company ever followed the contract??? Why are there 30 grivences filled a week at my hub? What sad is the union doesn't seem to care. With the Teamsters track record who is suprised? My boss said it best "UPS does what it wants". How did they screw me? #1 My boss told me many times over the period of 3 years not to take a combo job. He said I would be able to compete with full time 22.3 employees for package car jobs based on the part time senority of all the employees (including the combo people). So I turned down 2 combo jobs based on what I was told. He lied to me and all the other cover drivers and now people with less pt senority than me have package car jobs. #2 20+ feeder routes are being run by UPS logistics. Gee yes, that is in the contract. Except they are subcontacting to Averitt express. The union says they can't do anything about that. I guess it must be ok then. #3 Feeders can bid into my hub from other local hubs but not the other way around. Feeders drivers with 3 yrs of company senority moving into my hub and keeping me from getting a fulltime job for 13 1/2 years. #4 I have driven a package car on a regular basis for 9 years. Where is my safe driving award? Oh yeah, I'm part time and I don't count. #5 There are 10 off the street hires who are package car drivers with less company senority than me (2 of them are union stewarts). Gee, that's ok, it's in the contract. But why do I feel screwed anyway? So here I am over half way to retirement. I have to take a $7 pay cut to get a full time job. I have no idea if any of my PT years will count as full time years when I retire. In conclusion I think that my bosses and the union suck and the company only really cares about the price of its stock above fairness and everything else. I will try to stop stating the obvious. Don't get me wrong, it's all about the money for me too. If I made your 6 figure salary UPS Vette I would be preaching the company line just like you. Ok, flame on.
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    I hate to be the one to break it down for you, but;
    Do you realize that be now, UPS hates the teamsters, and all unions, and for which they stand? I guaranty that the board will bust the union b the time the current contract is up. Eskew is so anti-teamster that he has a full time staff of 13 devoted to track the teamsters. UPS won't be a package delivery company in 10 years. In fact, if they can't quash the union, they may well sell off the package delivery part altogether.
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    I'm glad you like UPS. I'd hate to see what you'd say about UPS if you didn't.
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    I understand how you feel, many of us have gone through the same crap at my hub. What Brown Blood said is probably true also. The writings on the wall folks.
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    I thought the concern was the MBE/UPS Store locations?? Before UPS purchased them these people were owned by US Paper Products who was getting ready to file chapter 11----I would hope that the owners of the franchises don't have short term memory and realize the benefit of being associated with a company that is financially "Sound"!

    The UPS decision to purchase MBE was a major Coup when you take a step back and look at it as a business person.Since UPS has aquired MBE and most of the locations have changed to the UPS Store, our major competitor Fed Ex has dis-associated themselves from those locations---THIS IS HUGE!!!!

    These locations are business owners and have decided to purchase their locations to get a way from the union and government controls and run their franchises as they want--most are extremely successful.

    Please keep the dialog pertinent to the MBE loacations and not how UPS has screwed you.I would hope that those people who are not happy with what UPS is doing to protect their future would look for job opportunities elsewhere!!
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    I also tend to agree with brown blood about UPS spinning the package delivery part of the business off. UPSers (hourly and management alike) should already have alternative plans especially as it relates to retirement because I'm just not convinced the various Teamster plans will be there over the longhaul nor will UPS as we know it be there either. At some point I think a lot of really good people on both sides could get hurt. Darn shame to because I still believe the people of UPS (that's all of us) have great potential but we have folks now more focused on the short term and are short sighted and in the end this thinking will totally win out.

    As for Eskew hating the union, I don't know but I'm sure given a choice of having or not he'd take the not part and I can understand that. If in his shoes I'd probably feel the same way. If the stats posted by TDU about IBT memebership loss are even close to being correct then the end of the Teamsters may just take care of itself without UPS having to get their own hands dirty. Sorry "TDU" but the whole TDU approach just ain't the answer. In the 80's I thought it was but I woke up. JMHO and I also hope that at the end of the day I'm totally wrong!