Six Locals Left Fighting It Out

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Stratocaster, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. Stratocaster

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    I was informed that there are only six locals that haven't reached an agreement yet on the supplement. One of them is my local. From what I'm hearing, they will not "fold" and bring back a weak supplement for the members to vote on. (We should've had some of these guys at the international negotiations)
    Is your locals also one of the locals that are holding out?
  2. Nimnim

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    I've heard there's locals still holding out but I've not seen any list of them. I'm planning to call my local tomorrow to make sure they have my address correct still since I don't recall getting anything from them in some time. I'm a little skeptical that my local 385 is holding out since they're Florida based and that's where the national negotiations were held.

    So anyone have a list of the locals still holding out?
  3. PiedmontSteward

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    I don't have any "official" or "confirmed" list.. but I can almost gurantee that 2 out of the possible 6 are Local 705 and Local 804.

  4. Stratocaster

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    Yes, Local 804 and 705 are still holding out. Someone mentioned local 89 is apart of that list too.
    These local seem to understand one thing that hall didn't seem to understand....The contract expires on the 1st of Aug. What's the rush? So what if amazon is threatening to take its account else where, let UPS deal with that. It probably would've forced them to come up with a better offer.
  5. opie

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    Local 177 too.
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  7. local705

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    Our 705 leadership is great, I can't tell you how in tune they are with the rank and file. Everytime I see leadership in our building, they shake hands and ask if I need anything. That is what being in a union is supposed to be.
  8. balland chain

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    I wont mention my local, but I am willing to bet any amount of cash that they are NOT one of the hold out's.. I wish they were, but they just don't have the back bone like they should...I am happy for you guys whose locals are holding out, that is one reason why we pay union dues.. Best of luck...
  9. I know both of my areas supplements and riders are done.
  10. article22

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    My local has 2 officials on the committee. Need I say more? Sold out as usual!!
  11. Brownslave688

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    Our local didn't even open. I understand y we didn't so its ok with me.
  12. anonymous6

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    our local is holding out but I don't know on what issues. our people are pretty tough. i wish they had more pull with hall.
  13. Stratocaster

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    My Local also had no pull with hall . I'm begin to wonder if only the weak locals get to have officals on the committee. Does anyone know how many of the remaining "hold out" locals had officials on the committee?
  14. packageguy

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    ​let's say. It's a fight worth fighting for......
  15. 1080Driver

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    I'm in 804 & would bet my last breath we're one of the holdouts
  16. You guys are. THANK YOU!
  17. Returntosender

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    A few years ago overheard mgt talking chet about 705. Suposedly 705 is the Taliban of teamsters locals. That local will fight UPS on everything.
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    Union Holdout?

    What happens if the locals don't agree with the National Agreement?

    Also what if I don't agree with what my local thinks about the contract?

    Does it all just go to the national vote anyway in the end?
  19. balland chain

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    Re: Union Holdout?

    A Shop steward may be the best resource for this question, but I am bored, so I will attempt.. I may be wrong, but this is how I understand it.. I have been thru a few contracts with my 26 years..OK.. a local can holdout if they feel it is not best for their members..A local in VA did this the last contract I think due to the pension ..This is the GREAT USA,, you dont have to agree with your local, if your a member by all means express your feelings at your next union meeting,, This one I am not sure of,, I think it can go to a national vote even if there are some locals holding out, they may be holding out due to their specific supplement, not the master agreement..but I am not sure.. I have read that some locals are holding out, I only wish mine was one of them.. The holdouts are most likely up north & Midwest..
  20. balland chain

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    There are quite a few people in that boat with ya brother..IT SUCKS !!!!