Slow Peak

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Nobody knows. Management, especially, doesn't know. They screw it up every year. Maybe they figured if they slam the brakes on the volume, they can't get blamed for screwing anything up.


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no one considers UPS people."real" Teamsters.-BUG

This is what happened.

Shippers moved their volume due to the looming possibility of a strike since the initial contract was turned down by the members.

And UPS freight stopping pickups did not help. Some customers were really confused, not knowing it is actually a separate division from small package.
Really? Where did they go?


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Just found out today helper coordinators last day is tmro. Drivers getting back before 630 everyday.. what’s going on?
Go short. Fourth quarter report won't meet expectations.

I also can't help but wonder if we might be seeing a recession starting?

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calling the problem with peak simply management screwing up doesn’t explain much. The problem is ops managers and district managers are greedy and want to get paid. IE people have no damn clue because we keep promoting people that don’t know jack.

At the bottom we just run the plan. If it says such an such stops per car that’s what you do. No flexibility. There’s just not enough control of each operations plans on the ground level.