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    I am a 19 year employee at UPS. I am the senior unassigned driver in my building.
    Yesterday, my division manager came in and informed me that I was off my run that I have driven for the last 8 Christmas seasons. This run is in my hometown, and I deliver most packages by name, not address. This also helps for all of the misloads that typically occur at Christmas, I can deliver most business stops at someone's house and not miss service.
    The reason? They have to train a brand new driver for Christmas!
    Of all of the training runs, I do not know any others. A supervisor informed me afterwards that they only expected to dispatch @150 stops per day on that car now, I can run 300 with a helper per day!
    Talk about making no sense again! Wow!
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    Is this run your bid route or is it one of the training routes in your center.If it is classified as a training route (which center manager and steward agree on the training routes) you are ship out of luck.This is the busy season and you have to look at it from the companies view also.Talk to the steward and read the book.
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    AS local said, if it is a designated training run, you are out of luck. But it has to be in writing, and has to have been agreeded upoon when you bid routes. All training runs must be listed as such before the bids begin, so the driver will know what he is bidding on. If it is not listed as such, you can then file if talking to them willl not do any good.

    THis happened to me, they tried to changed my route to a traing route AFTER I bid on it.

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    Hey be glad we bid on routes now. When I started driving, every Christmas they would take the business drivers off their routes and put the Christmas drivers on them figuring it easier to train them on business than residentials. Of course the new guys were ecstatic when they got the tip that was meant for the regular driver.
  5. wornoutupser

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    I know that I am out of luck as far as keeping that run for Christmas this year.Now the company has to train me on a new run run next week.
    My main point is this- what a (IMHO) lousy business decision!
    Also, why did a Division Manager have to tell me-I suspect paybacks for filing FMLA leave over the last 18 month. I lost a son to cancer and UPS went NUTS when I filed for FMLA.I was told that FMLA just was not needed!
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    Worn out

    FIrst my condolences on the loss of your son. I have lost three family members to cancer (well one was faulty medical care) in the past three years. Here management was so accomidating that I did not have to use FMLA time. Shame your management has no heart.

    If you can prove that this is a payback, it could be a violation of federal law.

    But on the other hand, If you get injured on the job and are out for quite a while on comp., UPS can fire you on the first day back. During several meetings it was brought to my attention that this does happen, thankfully though very rarely.

    As I said, if it is covered under the contract, you do have a leg to stand on. If not, well you are just out of luck.

    It is much easier to train someone on a condensed route that has a lot of business, than a rural route.

  7. wily_old_vet

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    Dannyboy--what reason do they use to fire someone coming off of comp. That sounds like a violation of the law.
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    Wornout I also want to offer my condolences for your loss. I cannot imagine anything worse than losing a child for any reason much less such a nasty disease. If all your doing is losing the route for xmas then suck it up. There is a chance that it might be the best move the center management team can make to prepare for peak. I've found the best thing I can do for my own state of mind is to not take decisions like this one personal. Its bad Karma that eats at you. If you honestly believe that your being singled out by the divison manager then the best thing you can do is to act like its the best thing that ever happened to you. Smile when you come into work and smile from ear to ear when you leave. Never let them see you sweat. Don't bitch to a single soul including other drivers. They sometimes inadvertently tell managememt that your complaining. ( They might ask something like - whats the matter with worn out hes seems like hes pissed?) Act like your really enjoying the change of scenery. When you see the divison manager tell him you like the route so much you will probably try to bid on it when you get the chance and thank him for making such a wise decision. I sincerely hope they aren't retaliating against you. But if they are take all the fun out of it for them and have some yourself.
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    Dont know the reason given, this was a workers comp attorney that has taken UPS to court several times over this issue. I will find out some of the particulars and get back with you.


    I would like to meet you sometime. Split a beer or 12. Ill be the designated driver, I swore off drinking after a rough fight with Uncle Jack.
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    Danny I'd like that.
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    And UPS wonders why we get upset at the drop of a hat. I just get tired of being screwed. Now I know hwy all my senior drivers in my center have such a bad view of the company. Ive been here since 1988. Corporate greed really blows.
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    Good post
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    On the bright side, your going to have an extended Christmas. Most of your customers will save their Christmas gift tip for you, and wait for your return. So you'll be returning to the building in January carrying bottles of booz and envelopes full of cash.
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    Yaaaayyy for digging up garbage from 6 years ago.