So What Exactly is Happening to the Healthcare?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by turdburglar, May 8, 2013.

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    Hello everyone. A lot of people are talking about the tentative agreement on this forum, and I think it is an insult, especially to part-timers (what's new?) One of the biggest things is that part-timers in the building where I work who have been busting their asses for 4 plus years are going to have to wait an additional year to reach top rate once they became drivers (if they even become drivers in the near future at all). That is a lot of money. I know that I am going to vote no on this contract.

    A lot of people in the building where I work look to me for information on union business, the grievance process, and the contract, and I like to think that they assign more value to what I say than they do to most people in the building. Seeing as how I am influential for the part-timers in my building, I want to know exactly what is happening to the healthcare for this contract. I keep hearing something about a Teamster health plan that is taking effect in place of the company health plan. Is this true, and will it affect everyone? If not, who will it affect? Finally, what are the negatives about a Teamster health plan? I am hoping that the information that I gain will allow me to sway the part-timers' opinion against the contract (because everyone knows that most full-timers will pass this contract that screws the part-timers just like the previous contracts). Thanks in advance for any responses.
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    This question has been addressed already in many threads. Here's a simple answer for you to understand.


    What your going to get has YET to be determined, and the Teamsters have until OPEN enrollment to finalize all the details of the new coverage. Thats 4 months AFTER the contract would have been ratified.

    Prior to the vote, you WILL NOT be able to see a SIDE by SIDE plan comparison, and the UNION expects you to ratify this contract in the BLIND!

    Hope that helps your understanding.

    Peace - VOTE NO.

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    Just go to the website. The info is on there. Just make sure you tell your coworkers that we will NEVER get our turkeys back again, and UPS plans on stealing their souls. That should be enough to convince them to vote no , amongst everything else in the proposed contract.
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    Hoaxster said this last year "UPS changed and you have to adapt or you can become a shriveled up husk of the person you once were, embittered about things you cannot control.The choice is yoursRead more:" Just replace UPS with Teamsters.
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    If we are the union, doesn't this mean we are :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ing ourselves? 4 year progression, 50cent starting wage increase described by leadership as "substantial", further masked by a $1.50 first look, lesser health insurance. It's like they figured out pters can't help themselves so why bother? Bleed the last drops of PTers. When minimum wage approaches $10 PTers are not just @ baseline but behind the curve with a longer road to that coveted top rate. Union masturbation. UPS profit = union concessions, the precedent is set. It's all just a hoax.

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    I see that the highlights indicate that on 1/1/2014, those in the UPS health insurance plan will be moved to the TeamCare plan. So this will affect everyone. However, what you are saying is that the specifics about the coverage will not be known until after the contract is ratified. That will definitely garner many "no" votes.