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  1. Griff

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    The new thing here is for basically every suit in the hub to go out tailing drivers and grasping at straws to fire people. I understand this is their job, but lately it's been a lot different than normal, they're out with a vengeance. They used to do this rarely, but it has turned into a daily thing now. Warning letters for: handrails, subtle uniform violations, not walking briskly, delivering to other side of street, not toting smalls.

    Today I spotted the center manager and a district suit tailing me in a sports coupe. So I took them for a wild ride down an unpaved oneway road that is guarenteed to spill every single shelf in your truck. They never got to see me make one stop because they got stuck about 200 feet from the beginning of the road. I waved to them, while looking at them through the mirror, then continued on with my day unbothered.

    Anyone else find a way to stick it to them?
  2. 71chevy

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    give em Hell
  3. 705red

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    Absolutely, ods the center and tell them your being followed and its unsafe to driver release another package today, you think their stealing the deliveries! Wait to you bring back 40 to 60 dr able packages, really screws up dispatching the next day.
  4. over9five

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    Isn't it wonderful they have so much time to harass us, but no time to grow the business? (we're supposed to do that too).

    Why aren't they out getting more business???
  5. BCFan

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    Here ya go.... if you see em following you ,ease out your cell phone and call 911 tell police the truth, "I am a UPS driver on route there is a strange vehicle following me I feel like it might pose a danger to me and the general public!!!" Our safety guy (white-real white guy)was tailing a driver thru the "hood" The drug squad pulled him over and searched him and his car as the driver rode by laffing his head off---->BC
  6. Channahon

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    Interesting description - never heard that before
  7. RockyRogue

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    ROFLMAO!!!!:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::thumbup1: :thumbup1: :thumbup1:. One more reason not to p*ss off hourlies!! BCF...whatever happened to the driver when he got back to the center that night??? Was the safety guy ready to wring his neck?? :w00t: -Rocky
  8. tieguy

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    Could try doing the job and earn yourself a positive report. Na call 911 instead.
  9. tups

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    It''s impossible to get a positive report no matter how hard you try. They will find something you did wrong.
  11. you answered your own question ;-)

    if they were doing that they couldn't do something real conducive to the success of this tail its drivers and making sure they know the 437 ways to handle a package....I miss HABITS lol
  12. SmithBarney

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    No no not true, we got a positive comment the other day
    they said

    "thanks for not killing anyone out on the roads this past year... "

    Oh thats almost verbatim too from the DM....
  13. Hangingon

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    I miss the old TLA's. Your sup was forced to sit with you one day a year for about an hour just to review your past performance and talk about any concerns you have. Now they spend hours everyday trying to catch you doing something wrong but never have a moment when you have a question that doesn't pertain to an immediate delivery.
  14. disneyworld

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    But it's ok if UPS kills it's own employees ever so slowly.
  15. Fredless

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    I got my yearly safety ride...I have also yet to be followed, but i'm still a pissant air driver.
  16. Sammie

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    This has been going on for absolute ever. About ten years ago my worse half was followed and fired on area for blinking wrong. The union got him back on in a couple of days, but give me a break...

    I guess mgmt just wants to make sure you're towing the line; there are always those couple a bad apples who like to go way off area so they can have lunch at home or run errands, etc. I know a few myself who do so. Just like in the offices where a few of the girls used the company phones to call long distance all over the place to talk with friends and relatives. Too bad for them...

    And don't always be quick to shoot the messenger, these ideas often come from elsewhere besides your hub....

    Speaking of Such -

    This was in the "Pink Sheets" from some time back. Printed on pink paper, they included vital UPS news and events from across the country and were internally "house mailed" to all UPS managers. Our I.E. manager told us this one:

    In St. Louis, Mo. (no offense to anyone there!!!) a driver made it back to his building one too many times very shook up and once more without his COD $, again claiming he'd been robbed. Yeah, right. Even though it was known he worked in a rough neighborhood.

    One day in particular was his last chance. If he didn't come back with his COD $ that night, he would lose his job. And this was the day that UPS finally decided to put a "tail" on him. This "tail" included another pkg car full of UPS security, the center manager, and some UPS BIG BOYS from God knows where; all dressed in browns and ready to catch the driver red handed.

    Later that day the driver and every member of his entourage were mugged, beaten and robbed. And for years afterwards,
    UPS would not service this area.

    THAT'LL teach em....
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  17. Channahon

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    But it's ok if UPS kills it's own employees ever so slowly

    I'm confused - is this comment in regards to the retirement age of 62? If so, did the union or UPS change the retirement plans for union employees, based on your different locals?

    Or is your comment due to other conditions at UPS?
  18. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    Tell me where? Tell me what prison, what cell and what wall we have you chained to while we slowly kill you?
  19. disneyworld

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    Typical mindless narrow sighted management response. Believe it or not, I actually enjoyed my job once upon a time and power hungry people like you have to think too much and ruin it. What shift do you work? Are you answering on company time? What position do you hold?
    I'm actually in the process of getting out right now thank you very much.
    News Flash-Happy employees are more productive.
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  20. BCFan

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    Ok that day he had not called 911 its just that the safety guy was in a known drug area and the police saw him cruising and thought he was there to score some illegal substances since that's the only time white boys go in that hood :lol: :lol: BC