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    Made an attempt at a closed business, sheeted as CL1. Hour later, get a message stating shipper has intercepted package, deliver to another address, a residence. Second attempt was made, no one home and sheeted as NI1. I was told package should have been DR'd since it was a residential address.

    Turns out the package was a piece for a printing press and the receiver can't run his business without it. He was inconvenienced having to come to the center on a Saturday afternoon and pick up his package. What would you have done?
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    I assume that you are a Saturday air driver who does not have his own area. This is what I am basing my advice on.

    You did the right thing. The pkg was for a commercial stop. You correctly sheeted it as CLO 1. You were then instructed to reattempt at a residential address. The pkg would have been sheeted with the original address and you would have done a LA at the residential address but would have needed a signature to complete the stop. You could have done an address correction in the DIAD to the residential address but would have still needed to get a signature as we are instructed to get a signature on all address corrected packages.

    Seems to me if he needed the part that badly he would have either been at his business to receive it or been home after having called in the indirect.

    Now, if this pkg had been for one of my customer's, I would have done all that I could to make sure that it was delivered, to include calling him and setting up a meet or leaving the pkg at an agreed upon location.

    I would not advise you to do this as a Saturday air driver.
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    A very good job Upstate. I'm proud of you:happy-very:.
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    I've never heard that one before and I'm definitely not saying your wrong. It's a good idea though. It's funny how different areas have different procedures for the same situation.
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    I have to agree with UPstate here. You followed UPS guidlines by asking for a signature at a commercial stop and then at any address corrected packages. However, somebody paid for Saturday delivery so the parcel must have been very important. In the case that I exhuasted every option to contact the consignee and I knew the consignee on a first name basis, I may have DR'd the parcel.

    It was a piece to a printing press. I think you would have been safe, unless you know of a black market for stolen printing press pieces, lol?

    Obviously, this is just my opinion an you should do what your gut tells you. There are two ends of the spectrum, the guy who just wings everything and the guy who won't DR anything. I think they are both wrong and there is a happy medium. The guy who wings it is DR'ing 47 inch plasma TVs on the back deck because the barcode is not sig. required. Then we have this driver that won't DR "" packages when they are just filled with aftershave, shaving cream, deodorant, etc.

    The bottom line is to use your discretion. If I have a NDA envelope for a commercial stop and the office is closed, I usually just slide it under the door and sheet it as "DR FRONT DOOR". I've been doing this for 11 years and nobody has ever mentioned a word about it to me.
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    dr as other then put mail slot BC
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    Back when I was a Saturday driver, we were told that anything we were delivering, should be considered 'mission critical' as they were paying a substantial amount for Saturday delivery. For packages that were 'real' 1S packages (as opposed to packages upgraded to Saturday delivery because they missed a plane, do any of those ever get delivered on Saturday???), I did everything I could to get them delivered on Saturday. If I would have received the new resi address, I would have DR'd it out of sight, but near a door or in a garage. The phone call with the intercept tells me they were tracking it and doing everything they could to get it ASAP.

    We were told to attempt all Saturday packages twice and call the center if we could not get rid of it for either DR instructions or alternative delivery point.
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    You can't DR an Intercept package, the DIAD will not let you. I know, I tried to one time. It was medicine and the consignee wanted it badly judging from the note they left on the door. Bigmistake, you did the right thing. You are not supposed to DR to another address than what is on the package also.
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    We are instructed to get a sig on any A/C pkg here too. If you get burned on one of those, I would have to say the level of your responsibility is higher than a same address DR.
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    Had a similar experience. Only I got an earful from my supe at the CMs behest, that I was falsifying records and padding my stop count because I took credit for 2 stops.
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    We had a driver who had a customer who had asked him for several days about a computer from Gateway. When it finally did come in, she was not home. So he went around to her back porch and delivered it and signed her name, as she had seemed very anxious to get it. When he returned to the center the lady had called and said that she wanted to refuse the pkg and was very upset that the driver had signed her name. The supervisor said that it could be picked up and returned at no cost to her. She instead decided to press charges for forgery. She was informed by the police that it is not forgery if there is no financial gain for the accused. It is called uttering. Long story short because of her pressing charges UPS said they had no choice by to fire the employee. He remained unemployed for two weeks. Eventually she dropped the charges and the driver got back to work. Bottom line is that it is very hard to make the right choice when you are pressed by the company to get everything delivered, those customers who want it "yesterday," and your conscious telling you to follow the rules. As a side note we had a lot of drivers getting stuck in drive ways(avoidable accident), so we had to sign a form that stated that under no circumstances were we to use driveways. Well I delivered in the country ( average 278 miles a day) and I had driveways that were 1- 1 1/2 miles long. I made it know that i would probably be running way over allowed because of having to walk those distances. My supervisor said it would be OK in those instances. I asked if the form could be removed from my employee file, he said no. I then refused to drive in or use driveways. Shortly taffeta this conversation a cover driver was on my rout and got stuck(in the middle of the driveway, not the side) and was charged with an avoidable accident and was threatened with a one day suspension. H used his own money to buy rock for this customers driveway but the customer refused him when he came that Saturday, saying he wanted his whole driveway fixed(a half mile long driveway). So it is very hard to determine what is indeed the best thing to do. I am retired now after 31 years, but I do still understand how hard it care be to choose the correct way after having UPS drill in the way that you are required to do it and how sometimes the supervisor will tell you to do it this time. Get it in writing, may or may not help but at least you will have the peace of mind that you were told to do it that way. Fortunately I never got an intercept pkg that didn't just have to be brought back to the building.
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    It is not hard to make the right choice , The right choice is the one that keeps you working

    Never forge a sig , never sign anything from UPS that you know will directly impact your job
  13. sven

    sven New Member on road intercept? It does not exist. Intercepts have to be processed by a clerk for address correction, will call hold, or return to shipper. There is no 2nd delivery to a different address when package has had an attempt. And commercial packages do NOT get driver released. Sounds like a supervisor play fast and furious with the system. Only medication can get a reattempt intercept via a $10 charge. Customers cannot request such a service.
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    this is correct

    if it was a true intercept, there was no way for you to complete the stop in your board, regardless of DR/signature

    more likely they called up the 1800# and complained, the supe told you to deliver it to the guy's house, and it went from there

    on a normal day, you absolutely did the right thing. on a saturday though, i really can't say for sure. maybe message the center advising them no one was home and ask for further instructions?

    of course, UPS would probably try to burn you no matter what your decision was
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    You may think you are doing the receiver a favor, but by DR'ing a commercial stop, you just caused a billing adjustment to the shipper of $2.55 for a residential surcharge and depending on the zip code, an additional $2.75 delivery area surcharge. This causes up to a $5.30 billing adjustment on the shippers bill, and then they call in asking what happned and looking for a billing adjustment. They could also possibly call their account rep looking for an explanation on why a package that required a signature was left by the driver against UPS policy. This causes additional work for someone to research why this happened and explain to the customer what happened.

    If the receiver wanted the package left without a signature at a commercial stop, they can ask the shipper to process it with "shipper release" as an option.
    UPS: Shipper Release

    Just becuase no one has never mentioned it to you, does not mean it is the right thing to do nor that it does not have a negative effect on things.
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    You can get out of EDD and manually imput the address and scan will allow you to stop complete. I would not suggest this...Just sayin' though.
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    The simple answer is never DR any package if you dont feel it is safe to do so.
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    You did the right thing.
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    Here is a question in regards to intercepts. Had a package yesterday. Some Bose home theater crap. The way these condos are, there is no back door, out of the way place to DR something. And the neighborhood is borderline sketchy. So I NI1. Go to deliver it today. Get the intercept deal. Cool. Sheet it as such. Later in the day, instructed to contact the center. Apparently the customer put in an intercept AFTER the NI1 yesterday. Was miffed because it wasn't at will that night. Had to reattempt. Board wouldn't let me stop complete. Was told to Prerecord it, then sort it out at the center. The office lady says I should have received essentially an "on demand" intercept message, and should have sheeted it as such yesterday. Never got that message. Have never got a message like that. Only when scanning a stop does it show up as intercept. Or there is an I next to it before you deliver it. I do know of the automated WC messages, but never seen an intercept one.
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    Revising a nearly 3 year old thread? NOT!