Starting pay Fedex Express Vs. UPS

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by nystripe96, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. nystripe96

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    Very simply 13.47 Fedex Express, 8.50 UPS. Does anyone know why there is such a huge disparity between the two companies? Is the package handler position at Fedex more involving than UPS, is that maybe why the starting rate is higher? I do enjoy the fact that UPS is a Union job, so I'm wondering if that's the main reason why the 8.50 starting rate has stuck for so many years.
  2. Bubblehead

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    To qualify to answer your question I would have had to work at both companies at an entry level capaciity at some point.
    I doubt there are many here who have.
    There is a guy called UpStateNY that posts on this site a couple dozen times a day that will most assuredly venture to answer your question.
    Keep the forementioned in mind when contemplating the ensuing posts.

    What I can tell you is I was hired in 1986 for $8.00/hr with full benefits for my family and myself after 30 days.
    Now they get $8.50/hr with benefits after 1 year for themselves and 18 months for dependants.
    In '86 the minimum wage was less than $4/hr, so $8/hr was a pretty decent starting wage and benefits, then as well as now, were unheard of.
    Bottom line, in light of what is expected of these new hires, UPS is nowhere near the premium part time job that it used to be.
  3. nystripe96

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    I'm already a loader for UPS lol. Was just curious
  4. Indecisi0n

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    I am a casual at $16.10. Not sure where you got that number.
  5. menotyou

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    Casual driving rate is the $16.10. Package handlers unload, load, and the like. They make around $10(after 30 days) depending on the area and the job.
  6. hellfire

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    i started at a crappy rate many years ago,,now, i have a pension , 7 weeks vacation, the seniority to take alot of days off , respect simply because ive been the so long. 30 plus a hr,, lots of overtime when i need ..............its a tough job , but dedicated hard work will bring you monetary compensation
  7. Bubblehead

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    Minimum was $3.35 an hour when "we" started.
    "We" got full benefits after 30 days for ourselves and our families.
    "We" had a pretty good idea how long it would take to go full time.

    "You" are a beast, but it isn't the same as it used to be.
  8. PT Stewie

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    14 years around $21.00 per hour pay full benefits for family $60.00 per month x number of years pension credit after 750 hours worked in a year discount stock purchase option 5% not to bad for part time work also 3 weeks vacation 7 personal days 3 sick days ......Yea IBT !!!
  9. nystripe96

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    Yup, patience is surely a virtue. The workload is tough, but I enjoy it so UPS is for me I think. (2 months in only) Here's hoping the new contract along with new teamster representation will lead to better things. I met Sandy Pope first hand outside my hub today. Good first impression, hopefully it's a lasting one
  10. gorilla75jdw

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    its the benefits , duh !!!
  11. menotyou

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    PT'ers in NY make about $20 an hour including benefits.
  12. nystripe96

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    FedEx express offers no benefits for PT's?
  13. working up a sweat

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    PTers in my hub work an average of 50 hours a month. The health benefits for family plan are worth over 1500.00 a month. UPS pays that. That equals to an additional 30.00 an hour.