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  1. DownWithUPS

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    today i delivered 2 parcels to a business that was closed, front door was open and there was a SDN on the door. 1 of the 2 pkgs was a SIG. Req.
    I left both pkgs at the inside door, and customer called and said she couldnt find the parcels. someone stole them. whats going to happen since i actually put customers name in the board, she was not there to sign for them... am i gonna get fired
  2. drewed

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    You could, thats about the most dishonest thing Ive heard....remember always CYA
  3. IWorkAsDirected

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    Probably. To everybody out there, DO NOT accept sdn for packages that require a signature. If the door was open or unlocked and you have no safe place to leave packages I would not leave them at a business even with a SDN.
  4. brownmonster

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    Record pkg one as SDN and clarify name on Info Notice. Should be OK. Pkg two Signature required cannot use an Info Notice. Why not just leave another note saying must have signature in person? Good luck
  5. sano

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    So what would you do from here if you were DownWithUps? Should he go in tomorrow and explain what happened. contact the union?
  6. drewed

    drewed Shankman

    Maybe dishonest isnt the best word...maybe negligent IDK def no no tho and you should have known better
  7. Hangingon

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    Oh well, hindsight is always 20/20. I hope you're on good relations with your mgm't team, may get away with a suspension and paying for the package.

    *UPS will see it as dishonest since to leave the package he had to put something in the signature field then clarify it.*
  8. rod

    rod retired and happy

    As sad as it is it all depends on how much his center manager likes him. If he makes good numbers on a daily basis he will probably get a slap on the wrist- if he dosen't make good numbers it could be curtains for him. That's how life works at UPS.:sad-little:P.S. --Drewed -if that is the most dishonest thing you have ever heard of you haven't been around very long.
  9. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator Staff Member

    I hope you can provided that SDN to support your claim, if not, then it is up in the air.
    Yes, you broke the rules and can be fired.
    It will really depends on your prior record and your relationship with the customer and your management team.
    If you survive this scrape, learn from it.
    Just, simply Clo 1 and leave a notice.
    Send again pkg's are far easier to explain, than gone forever pkgs.
    Best of Luck.
  10. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    I never accept a SDN for a signature package, I can't believe anybody does that. If the DIAD asks for a signature, then that means a person has to be there to put their signature on the board. Thats the way we have always been told. If you sign the customer's name, thats called forgery. If you write SDN or print the customer's name, that is not a signature. Its really as simple as that.

    Like others have said, it will depend on how good a driver you are and what your boss thinks of you as to what happens now. We all make mistakes, hopefully you will learn from this one and not ever do it again.
  11. redshift1

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    Don't you remember you were confused as to the specific procedure and forgot
    the methods. You will probably end up paying for the package providing this has not occurred before. It wasn't a high value was it.
  12. Bubblehead

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    I don't accept a SDN for any stop at any time. In my building I haven't received the same answer twice as to when it's acceptable. Try it as experiment. Ask around in your building and see how many different answers you get from the so called experts. I am on a high risk route. I attended a meeting for drivers on similar type routes. When posed this question, the three LP managers in attendance literally got into an argument as to when it was OK. Left the meeting more confused than before. Till I get it in writing, it will not be an option for me.

    As for the you Down, you have plenty to worry about. I'll be having a good thought for you, hoping you are only held liable monetarily. In the Nat Master it is stated that the company cannot seek both reimbursement and discipline. Unless it says otherwise in your supplemental agreements make sure this made an issue if necessary. I'll try and find the Article for you. Let us know how it plays out.
  13. happyboy

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    Go around back of the biz and look in the trash for the empty boxes or better yet send someone in your family.
  14. SlowRide80k

    SlowRide80k My other one is Red Tag'd

    Whatever you do be up front and honest when they ask you about what happened. Often times a first offense will result in a suspension varying on the value of the package and your standing in the managements eyes. (do they feel the need to teach you a lesson?) It's possible another person at the company picked up the packages and they will find them tomorrow. Make it clear that your "error in judgment" was an attempt to "help" the customer.

    It's not an excuse. You broke the rules. But I've seen it happen to more than one driver and it never resulted in a total job loss. They received "notice of terminations" and they were reduced to suspensions.
  15. brownman15

    brownman15 New Member

    do i smell a troll. new member posted once thats it
  16. myback

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    exactly what part of signature required do you not understand? is it the signature part or is it the required part.
  17. Bubblehead

    Bubblehead My Senior Picture

    National Master Article 10

    Loss and Damage

    Section 1.
    No employee shall make any reimbursement or have monies deducted from his/her pay for loss or
    damage to parcels except as provided in this Section.

    No employee shall be disciplined or required to make reimbursement for lost or damaged parcels unless
    the Employer demonstrates that the employee, without justification or mitigation, violated pertinent
    established rules or policies, the observance of which would have prevented the loss or damage. In no
    event shall a driver be subject to reimbursement for loss or damage to a Driver Release parcel valued at
    one hundred dollars ($100.00) or less. The Employer will provide each driver a current list of all
    Driver Release Areas and all Non Driver Release Areas within that driver’s area upon request.
    An employee who is charged for loss or damage by the Employer shall not be subject to both discipline
    and reimbursement. The Employer will clearly notify the employee and the Union of its intent to either
    discipline or seek reimbursement. No employee shall be subject to discipline or reimbursement unless
    the Employer brings the loss or damage to the employee's attention within fifteen (15) business days
    after receiving a written shipper notice of claim.

    When an employee is subject to discipline, the employee shall not make any reimbursement for such
    loss or damage. When an employee is subject to reimbursement, the employee shall not be subject to
    discipline for such loss or damage.

    Any employee who is found to be responsible for two (2) reimbursements in a twelve (12) month period
    may receive a warning letter in addition to being responsible for reimbursement should a third (3rd) loss
    occur in the same twelve (12) month period.

    No action shall be taken by the Employer under this Section until the grievance procedure is invoked
    and concluded. In such grievance hearings the Employer shall present its case first.
    If an employee is held liable for reimbursement for loss or damage under Article 10, Section 1 in regard
    to any package, he/she will be held liable for the value of the package, the amount paid by the Employer
    to the customer, or the insured value of the package, whichever is least.
    Reimbursement schedules shall be reasonable and fair, based upon the circumstances of each case.
    This Article is not to be construed as permitting charges for loss or damage to equipment. or Nor is this
    Article to be construed as permitting charges for any loss or damage to merchandise as a result of a
    vehicular accident under any circumstances.
  18. SlowRide80k

    SlowRide80k My other one is Red Tag'd

    Yea we've had a guy who was "stealing" a companies pre-filled NDA labels and using them to send his car payments NDA out of state.

    Also had a guy who had rolls of labels who would scan and invent stops with the same labels day after day.

    Also back when Cash was accepted we had a guy taking the C.O.D. money and hitting the Casino on his lunch.

    Last but not least we had a guy loose his mind park on a bridge and start throwing packages off the bridge...(he didn't lose his job)
  19. brownman15

    brownman15 New Member

    thats not the problem. the problem is he signed for pkg ups views this as dishonesty which is a cardinal sin
  20. Bubblehead

    Bubblehead My Senior Picture

    Obviously. I covered that in my first post. My point being that they can't do both. Hopefully their desire to be reimbursed will outweigh the desire to deem him or her dishonest.