Subcontractors now doing local p&d work

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    The closer the layoff and loss of work gets to some, the more active they become.”

    Forwarded in an email to me from a local driver: The following information is regarding contractors picking up local freight at one of our customers DDS in Stead [Nevada]. I was also told that our representatives [sales people] for this account told them that we have to send contractors up there to pick up because quote “The Company can't get any of the union drivers to go up and pick up the freight ". I could not get the informant to put that in writing; however, I was able to get my hands on the dates, amount of skids, the pro numbers for these individual shipments, the number of trailers used, and the destination! The proof is solid trust me, but they want to remain anonymous.

    DATE: 5-17-2010
    UPSF PRO NUMBER-627 218 384

    DATE: 6-10-2010
    UPSF PRO NUMBER-696 812 782

    DATE: 6-14-2010
    UPSF PRO NUMBER-638 654 811

    DESTINATION: All going to a place called HOME GOODS in SAN PEDRO CALIFORNIA.

    This is just another example of the brazen contract abuse of UPS Freight and another example of violations of Article 43 and 44. Now THE COMPANY is cutting out local P & D drivers and dockworkers from work. These displaced employees will join in the fray as their jobs and income are affected. THE COMPANY and THE BROWN UNION will move a grievance, regarding this, up the ladder through continuum of process to ultimate deadlock. Same old story, same old musical chairs and the same old dog and pony show. Keep paying those dues and look for forth-coming golf scores, between THE COMPANY and THE BROWN UNION and little action through the grievance process.
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    More details please. Zone skipping is normal, and these truck loads sound like business as usual.

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    Boy you sound intimidating... Contract Carriers is just something you will have to learn to live with. The next time I have to take a crap, I will make good use of your grievance......

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    The grumble and moan [grievance] process is an ignominy because BIG BROWN owns THE UNION. Please tell me something I do not know. As you suggest THEY, THE UNION AND BIG BROWN, wipe their ass on a contractual agreement daily. The fix is in and THEY are running that ‘dog and pony show’ for all dues paying members, which I am not. The wondrous thing is that I live in a right to work state and therefore can work side by side to the ignoramus mind dead people who pays dues, grumbles and moans, and gets me a newer and better wage.
    Enough is enough and my support has gone, just keep those raises and benefits coming in. In no longer need of some Union and member hack pissing down my back and then telling me it is raining, I shall remain a false devotee to THE BROWN UNION. Just the pay check please!

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    I admire you.....
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    Now if the area you're in was under the Central States retirement plan, I can understand the feelings you have towards the union. I for one never liked UPS taking the UPS drivers out of the plan along with the Principal Officers and BA's that once worked for UPS. Since this happened our Union thinks twice about biting the hand that holds thier retirement!