Super Bowl predictions

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by UpstateNYUPSer, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    I thought I would lighten up the conversation by asking everyone for their Super Bowl predictions:

    Patriots 34, Giants 20

    Tom Brady MVP
  2. Big Babooba

    Big Babooba Well-Known Member

    Definitely the Pats!!!
  3. HazMatMan

    HazMatMan New Member

    Giants 31
    Patriots 24

    Either Eli or Plaxico will be MVP.
  4. Golfnut54481

    Golfnut54481 New Member

    Patriots 35
    Bears 14 Oh, wait a minute, the Bears did NOT make the playoffs....

    Giants 17
  5. trplnkl

    trplnkl 555

    Wining team .... most points

    losing team ..... least points

    When is the super bowl?
  6. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    Next weekend.
  7. Big Babooba

    Big Babooba Well-Known Member

  8. browniehound

    browniehound Well-Known Member

    Pats 45-7:peaceful:
  9. beentheredonethat

    beentheredonethat Well-Known Member

    Pats 45, Giants 24. Brady MVP.... Go Patriots. Eli at least 2 Int.
  10. HazMatMan

    HazMatMan New Member

    Brady getting too much from Giselle, he will be exhausted.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    That's certainly not a bad thing!! I'm sure he will save enough to secure the W.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Conspiracy Theory!

    Eli Manning gets hurt first half. He looks just fine starting 3rd quarter in fact throwing for 4 touchdowns giving the Giants the victory or the Pats. But why did he decide to use a dark shield over his face mask after halftime???.............Peyton?
  13. HazMatMan

    HazMatMan New Member

    Actually, me personally, don't think Giselle is all that.
  14. jds4lunch

    jds4lunch What the hell is YOUPS??

    Patriots - Quite a few
    Giants - not so many

    Enough said
  15. local804

    local804 Well-Known Member

    If a NE fan is going to hijack my thread, atleast change the name of it.
    hoping for a prayer

  16. local804

    local804 Well-Known Member

    NE has 3
    NYG have 2

    quite a few and not so many?
  17. smf0605

    smf0605 Member

    I think he meant .. quite a few points ... not so many points ....
  18. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    FDX newcomers -1
    old loyal members of the brown cafe -0. :happy-very:
  19. browniehound

    browniehound Well-Known Member

    Hi Local! Haven't heard from you since the World Series, LOL. Good Luck to the Giants.

    I have a different feeling about the Giants than I do the Yankees or any other NY team.

    Believe it or not, they are my second favorite team. Unless they are playing the Patriots, I always root for them.

    I'm nostalgic for the days of Parcells, Otis Anderson, Dave Megget, LT, Phil Simms, Mark Bavaro and Bill Belichick as Defensive Coordinator to name a few greats. Who am I leaving out here? Can you add a few for me?

    I was in high school during the Giants hey day and the Patriots sucked at the time. When I played "Techmo Bowl" I always chose the Giants.

  20. local804

    local804 Well-Known Member

    Hey brownie,
    Ive been around if ya know what I mean. I know NE is a bad ass team and almost the best team ever in football, but you have to admit, NY played them very well last time they met. Who thought NY would beat Big D and even the cheezeheads. If NY gets to pretty boy Tom early, its going to be a tough day for the fans in NE.

    NFC east> all......