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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by fedupups, Apr 26, 2013.

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    We all talk about the International Agreement...there are Supplement Agreements still to be done and before u Hoffa lovers say this is the best agreement ever their is one local who has said no in the past and according to my sources will be pushing for another no vote initially until a couple of key areas are addressed....and this local can shut down one side of the country....any thoughts on this
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    Almost all the supplements have reached an agreement. As of earlier today, there were 4 unresolved Local Supplements/Riders across the country. I only know that Local 177 was one of them, they said there were "major" issues still unresolved. So we will see.
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    Its more than "one" local...
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    Thats right. Last contract we in local 804 DID hold things up. A campaign to vote NO on our supplement was successful. ANd guess what?? The guys who lead that successful campaign ARE CURRENTLY IN CHARGE OF OUT LOCAL. The old guard that endorsed hoffa/halls garbage last time and gave up stuff in our local supplemental were defeated badly in 2009!! This new crew will NOT sell us out and will NOT endorse a weak national contract.They are looking to increase our pension to $4000, get us more 22.3 jobs and fix our broken grievance procedure. I hope other locals follow their lead and stand strong!!
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    im with you on this brother. chompin at the bit for a pension increase. the big guy told me to my face over a month ago that our pension fund is strong enough now for a $400 bump. its just a matter of ups continuing there current contributions
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    It will be fine