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I am just going to recommend something to package drivers on here. If you have a supply tote in your truck, mark it somehow with your name and center number/name and possibly a sign that says not to remove the tote at all.

Story time:

Two Fridays ago I left after my shift I always have a green Rubbermaid storage bin w/ a lid on the shelf right behind me in 4000. the bin contains all my driver supplies along with personal goods (i.e. gloves, flashlight, medicine, toilet paper, etc.). When I got into work Monday morning it was gone. It turns out that over the weekend and in the evenings the air drivers liek to take my truck on their air runs. I dive one of the new Sprinters with the box on the back. I had Sups contact both air drivers that had taken my truck out nd both seem to have not seen my supply tote.

This Friday rolls around, 4 days after the disappearance, and I get a phone cal in my center from someone in Philly. The lady tells me that they found this tote that seems to have a lot of personal belongings in it and are wondering if it is mine. Seems that their unload at the air hub decided to unload everything. The lady I talked to had gone thru a few things looking for where it may have been headed as if i were a package. Luckily thre was an item from one of my shippers in teh box and they called him first. The shipper then told them to get ahold of me that it was probably mine. I owe this guy lunch for saving my stuff.

They are sending my stuff back to me but as soon as I get it back I am putting all my info on it and in it so that if this were to ever happen again, then they know who it belongs to. 99 time out of 100, chances are I would have never seen or heard from my stuff ever again. I've had stuff disappear before but never a whole tote full of goods.

Just keep this warning as an advisement. Hope it helped.


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I've marked my supply totes with a sharpie, yet still, they unload them once in a while. I work in a relatively small center/building and get it back the next morning.


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leave the tote open with your pee bottle on top (actually a pepsi bottle with mountain dew in it or similar combination)... that seems to be unloader/preloader repellant based on another thread

I've used strong twine in the past to secure it. Reading the request not to unload may not be an option. The unloaders move fast, and it's not often well lit.

Although for some reason this doesn't work for tape guns.


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We were given a gray storage box several years ago to keep supplies in. I put mine on the floor under my '"4000" section shelf and bungee down my hand trucks in front of it. I keep my On Demand supplies, raincoat, and map book in it. I took a black preload crayon and wrote "UPS Supplies, Don't Remove", and it has stayed there with no problem.