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    What do you think are some of the pros and cons of the TA for part-timers?

    Here's my opinion:

    • 2,350 new combo jobs with 500 created in 2014, 500 created in 2015, and the remaining 1,350 created in 2016
    • Only 2 of the raises are cut in half

    • The company is allowed to place a one and one-half (1.5) hour lunch in between jobs for the new 2,350 combo jobs. (Look on page 14 of TA under Article 22 Section 3)
    • Progression is 4 years
    • No catch up raise (ex: $1.50)

    What other Pros and Cons can you think of? Just post a list and no arguing over whether it is good or bad on this specific forum. All the other ones have 10+ pages of people arguing. Just post the pros and cons so we can all be better informed.
  2. browned out

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    CON It will take forever to go full time. UPS can use seasonals and single vacation day coverage drivers at $16.10 an hour year round. Get ready for a 10 year wait in most areas.
  3. stink219

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    Can you point that out please?
  4. browned out

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    Section 19 – Single Day Vacation Coverage Drivers

    (A) Seniority part-time employees may work as coverage drivers as replacements for fulltime

    employees to cover full-time package work as outlined in this section and under the

    single vacation day option as outlined in Article 16. No coverage drivers may be used if

    full-time employees are on layoff in that building.
    It is understood, in order to make

    service on packages and in lieu of a supervisor performing bargaining unit work,

    these coverage drivers may be utilized on days where no single day vacations are

    scheduled after all other options have been exhausted. A log shall be retained of

    such coverage and furnished to the Local Union and/or steward upon request.

    (B) The pay rate for part-time coverage work shall start at $16.10. Coverage employees who

    have worked one full year and worked nine hundred (900) straight time hours in that year

    or any year following as a coverage employee will be paid $18.45. (The parties agree to

    meet and review the 900 hour provision prior to the end of the second contract year.)

    (C) A part-time coverage driver performing only coverage work shall receive an eight (8)

    hour guarantee. However, if a part-time coverage driver performs single day vacation

    coverage work of less than eight (8) hours in combination with their part-time job or

    when covering for a regular driver who is unable to complete his/her scheduled day, they

    shall receive pay for the actual hours worked. Part-time coverage drivers shall be entitled

    to overtime pay for all hours worked in excess of eight (8) hours in one day and/or forty

    (40) hours in one week. The overtime rate will be determined by the job being performed

    when the overtime occurs.

    (D)Part-time cover drivers shall receive all benefits provided for them under the terms of the

    labor agreement, including part-time health and welfare and pension benefits. Part-time

    coverage employees shall continue to accrue part-time seniority and shall have the right


    (b) Seasonal Employees: Time worked from November 1st through
    the Friday of the second

    full week of January of the following year
    December 31st of each year shall not accrue toward

    This period may be extended upon approval from the Local Union. Any

    employee who is retained after
    December 31st, the Friday of the second full week of January,

    or recalled within sixty (60) days after
    the Friday of the second full week of January,

    December 31st,
    must work thirty (30) in a ninety (90) consecutive day period commencing with

    the first (1st) day worked after
    the Friday of the second full week of January, December 31st,

    and his/her seniority shall revert back to the first (1st) day of his/her ninety (90) day qualification

    period. However, those employees hired prior to November 1st who are retained or recalled

    within sixty (60) days after
    the Friday of the second full week in January December 31st will

    retain credit for the number of days worked prior to November 1st.

    These days retained will count toward the thirty (30) days worked in a ninety (90) consecutive

    day period commencing with the first (1st) day worked after
    the Friday of the second full week

    in January
    December 31st and they shall be rehired on a six-for-one basis, as outlined

    elsewhere in this Agreement, and shall be placed on the seniority list with credit back to the first

    (1st) day worked after
    the Friday of the second full week of January. December 31st. An

    employee filling a permanent new job or job vacancy shall gain seniority under the thirty (30)

    working days in ninety (90) calendar days seniority provision.
    This provision will not affect

    the Company’s obligation to bid permanent full-time job vacancies pursuant to Article 3,

    Section 8 of the Central Region Supplement or any applicable language in any Local Rider

    or Addendum.
    Seasonal and probationary employees will not receive any of the benefits of this

    Agreement other than wages spelled out in this Agreement.
    Any employee put to work during

    the seasonal period shall be paid the appropriate seasonal rate of pay.

  5. browned out

    browned out Active Member

    So part timers could easily work full time hours every year and still only get part time vacation hours and part time pensions.


    Part timers should be beyond outraged at this.
  6. Monkey Butt

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    Not disagreeing with your reaction but this was the case back in the 70's and 80's as well and as far as I know, the current case as well.
  7. stink219

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    Am I reading this wrong? It does state from 11/1 to first 2 weeks in Jan?
  8. Inthegame

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    The CRT Supplement should be rejected. It is woefully inadequate compared to the National.
  9. Inthegame

    Inthegame Well-Known Member

    You are reading correctly. We proposed Nov 15-Jan 15.
  10. RealPerson

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    BOTH the Pro's you have are questionable.
    The New FT jobs, be nice if they filled the ones from the last contract. I think that many jobs will be created instantly with the 9.5 people.
    The Raises - You already work the Entire year, we USE to get all of our earned raise after working the full year....
  11. DiligentUPSer

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    This comes more-so as a perspective from a veteran part-timer:

    - $1.00 per hour skilled pay is being maintained ( With current technology, UPS has been pushing to eliminate this for some time)
    - No health insurance premiums yet ($ 30/60/90 per week would have been a huge blow to part-timers)
    - 2,350 new 22.3 jobs. (of course this comes with a huge *asterisk. We'll see what happens)

    No catch-up raise (Well of course not. The veteran PTers are the employees that UPS wants to get rid of , so they're not going to provide us with any additional incentives. They would much prefer for us to be gone so they can ride staffs primarily consisting of newbies who are making the starting rate and not eligible for paid vacations, pension, or insurance)

    2. 4 year progression once becoming full-time, compared to 3 years in the current contract, and 2 years in the previous contract. This is as close as you can get to a two-tiered wage system

    3. If I am understanding this correctly, this means our raises could be taken away and put into the healthcare or pension fund:

    Article 34, Section 4, Subdivision 1:
    "Any portion of any GWI may be re-allocated as an increased contribution
    to a Teamster Pension or Health &Welfare Fund. The re-allocation shall apply to all employees in a Supplement, Rider or Addendum, as applicable, provided all of the affected employees (full or part-time, if applicable) are covered by the same Pension or Health & Welfare Fund."

    (The preceding would be a huge blow to a part-timer)

    4. Union administered healthcare plan. They can do whatever they want with it, whenever they want...as evidenced by the following Memorandum of Understanding contained within the contract:

    "Nothing within this Memorandum of Understanding shall affect the Central States Health & Welfare Trustee’s right to modify benefit levels."

    (even if agreed upon benefit levels do not get significantly modified within the life of the contract, what's to say union dues don't skyrocket if healthcare becomes more expensive than anticipated?)

    5. Decreased insurance coverage compared to current contract, which includes:

    ~ Deductibles that increase each year of the contract (what's that going to mean for the 2018 contract? This is just getting the ball rolling

    ~ 80% coverage on diagnostics compared to 90% in the current contract and 100% in the 2002-2007 contract

    ~ 80% coverage on ER visits compared to current $25 co-pay

    ~ Decreased prescription coverage

    ~ Decreased vision coverage

    ~ Annual max of $1,500 on dental work compared to no max currently

    (All of this adds up for a part-timer. Whatwe do receive of the scheduled general wage increases, will likely go into extra healthcare expenses)

    Final note: We are going down the wrong path with concessions every contract and part-timers are usually the sacrificial lambs. Concessions in every contract in light of record profits for the company doesn't bode well for the distant future if you're in your 20's, 30's, or 40's and want to make UPS a career.
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  12. UPS Preloader

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    I hope this means you're voting no as well as encouraging other PT's and FT's to do the same.
  13. Bagels

    Bagels Family Leave Fridays!!!

    Nothing new. Similar language appears in the current contract, although those options were never utilized & it'll be more intense in the upcoming contract.

    Sans the deductible, we have the option of maintaining current insurance benefits with some hassle. As I've written elsewhere, the escalators in the contract are a good thing in keeping costs down (thus providing no-cost insurance well into the future) -- for example, many PTers filled a prescription that they had no interest in using just because it was "free" (even though somebody paid $60 for it). I go through about 10K a year in "life saving" meds, and I can still get them for "free" through the mail.

    The new vision insurance is better in the sense that we may utilize chain providers such as JCPenney, Macy's, etc. VSP (current) is a network of independent optometrists, which typically charge significant premiums compared to the big chains. Last year I purchased my glasses from Macy's, which was offering an exam and pair of glasses including designed frames for $99. I would've paid $150-$200 -- WITH INSURANCE -- for the same thing from a VPS provider -- although I would've gotten Transitions, which I really don't care about anyway. I'm still unclear on the annual dental max, considering that UPS has guaranteed the level of benefits to be the same.


    My disappointments, for PTers, with this contract are:
    (1) There should be a catch-up raise of at least $1, paid out to (at the very least) those hired after August 1st 2002;
    (2) The wage progression should be hiked -- as I've mentioned elsewhere, start at $10.50 and progress to $13.50 after 30-36 months but also add a $2 premium for those with more responsibility (you can get fired for misloads, but not unloading slowly);
    (3) hike the guarantee to 4 hours.
  14. PiedmontSteward

    PiedmontSteward RTW-4-Less


    * The new 9.5 language gets the union's "foot in the door" as far as forcing UPS to abide by an arbitration decision as far as staffing goes. While it's not perfect, this is something that can be improved upon later on down the road and will likely lead to more routes (meaning more FT jobs) in centers with over-dispatched drivers.

    * Dependent coverage for health insurance begins at 12 months instead of 18 months. I believe it should be six months (for dependents) - at the most - for insurance, but this was a step in the right direction compared to the huge concession we gave on this back in '07.

    * Current PT'ers still in progression get to skip ahead and receive the GWI's. New hires after August 1st will be slotted into the new progression that takes into account the $10/hr bump in starting pay.

    * The 1.5 hour lunch can actually improve some 22.3 jobs.. there was a customer counter 22.3 I know of that had a 3+ hour lunch in between his shifts.

    * Substantial increases to the PT pension plan. PT pension credit years will provide more monetary credit when going FT.


    * The four year progression is terrible but better than the two-tier pay system UPS wanted. I fully expect UPS to try and increase this to 5 years in 2018.

    * We still have a PT wage progression. I was hired before the '08-'13 contract and never had to deal with a PT wage progression. New hires should be placed on an either/or style system, similar to what the current PT'ers in progression will see. PT'ers with seniority prior to August 1st will receive all GWIs but will never have a wage lower than what they should see during their progression. Every PT'er knows when it's "raise day" and they get to see their check after a contractual GWI.. this is the most obvious and fundamental way the union benefits them. The PT'ers in progression are always disappointed when they find out they don't receive the GWIs.

    * The company gained an extra two weeks - total - to use cover drivers. While this is better than allowing supervisors to "help out" in the new mini-peak we see in January, this still gives UPS some wiggle room in not creating more permanent FT driving jobs.

    * No improved 22.3 language forcing UPS to maintain the level of 22.3 combo jobs within the local in which they were created. While forcing UPS to comply with a firm "schedule" of creating 22.3 jobs was actually similar to a formal contract proposal I made, UPS is going to continue placing these jobs in air hubs, where it is most convenient for the company. This will continue adding to the massive back-log of people waiting to go FT.
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  15. SouthernComfort

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    Piedmont, read your supplement again.
    The "new" 9.5 language is as worthless as a 1 legged horse. Your 9.5 rights willl have to be violated 4 times in 5 months BEFORE going to an arbitrator, at that time the arbitrator will say, "ok, just write him/her a $500 check" in which they will gladly do... then continue to violate your 9.5 rights.
    It WILL NOT create more full time routes, look into the "part-time" cover driver proposal.
    I am in a center where 70% of the full time drivers are on the 9.5 list, the other 30% are "part time cover drivers". I have MAYBE worked a day UNDER 9.5 once in the last 7 weeks, I am not joking. I have been part time cover driving for 8 years, I get between 190-215 reports as a driver a year(vacation and holidays do not count towards driving reports)
    I know about 50% of the routes in my center. I am NO where, NO where, NO WHERE closer to getting a full time position under this contract, but I do have a 100% guarantee of not working a day under 9.5 again. Do you really think they will fix something that "is not perfect later on down the rd"???
  16. RealPerson

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    12 Months is Better than 18, but we are still only getting back a LITTLE of what we LOST in the last Contract. When I hired on I think Dependents were 6 months.

    You are only sugar coating the super crappy new hire wages. IT SUCKS

    the 1.5 Hour between is good in some areas. I can't wait to go back to my center where our 22.3's only have 30 minutes and almost dies when they were told they "Might" have to make it an hour lunch... (my point is my 22.3's I work with are going to Hate the 1.5)
  17. realbrown1

    realbrown1 Annoy a liberal today. Hit them with facts.

    This is the best post about the subject of the Tentative Agreement. It lays out most of the pro's and con's for us UPSers. And by far the con's outwiegh the pro's.
    If UPS was hurting, it would be a different story. With UPS profits for 2012 at 4.38 Billion there is no way we should be accepting a concessionary contract period. I know healthcare cost have risen in the last 20 years beyound cost of living, but I was willing to take less than cost of living pay increases to help them compensate for that.
    Vote this baby down. Send hall back to the negotiating table. Maybe this time he will be more worried what we rank and file think, less what Hoffa and UPS think.
  18. Bagels

    Bagels Family Leave Fridays!!!

    $3.90 over 5 years is a "less than cost of living" raise? You must be living on Maui. Aloha!
  19. saintrick

    saintrick Member

    How do you hassle your way out of 80% ER, Major Medical, X-ray?
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    By not getting hurt or sick.