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  1. The Blackadder

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    There has been talk the last few weeks in my building about tatoos.

    We are hearing that UPS is now going to require us to cover them ie if you have Tatoos on your legs you will be forced to wear pants. If on the arm long shelves.

    I understand that UPS would have the right to do this, what I dont get is why they would do it now I mean tatoos have been big for years now and I have never heard this before.

    Any thoughts have you heard this in your building? Or is this just a rumor in my building?
  2. bumped

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    Thats been the way its been forever. Your center must just be starting to enforce it.
  3. timebonustodd

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    hey captin ... we got that memo at pcm couple months back on the tatoos .... heard it the one time its fall in maine cooling off here ...... im sure next time i hear it will be in the spring........
  4. rod

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    Maybe because some of the drivers were starting to look like these doorknobs?

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    OMG, those are some bad tattoos!!!
  6. hellfire

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    do a search here,,, many topics about it,, i dont cover mine
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    On those bad tattoos, the 6th one (?) looked like a drawing of David Spade.....:happy2:
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    Joe Dirt
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    Excellent irrelevant video, Rod!!!!
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    The only visible tats officially allowed are USMC ....reference the Policy Book