Teamster conflict of interest on a local level

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    A Teamster business agent from Local 769 also is employed by the City of Hialeah Gardens. He is paid over $82,000 per year by the Teamsters (your money) and also moonlights as a councilman for this city receiving another paycheck and possibly another pension. You can verify this by going to City of Hialeah Gardens.. If government business usually takes place during business hours, then he is not doing his job at the Teamsters that he is getting paid to do. Now we know that he has two jobs, collecting two salaries and pensions. What else does he have his hands in? Is this a conflict of interest? He is supposed to be representing you, but his time is being spent on other endeavors. We, on the other hand, have been told we can't retire and receive a full pension until age 65. We can't take another job either after retirement. We have all these restrictions, but when it comes to the Teamster leaders, they can do whatever they like! If they are supposed to lead by example, then they are confusing us. They must believe the saying: Do as I say, not as I do. :mad:
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    Must be preparing in case his BA job subsides ? :-)
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    Yup. He's all set for when the APWA takes over.....
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    "If government business usually takes place during business hours"?...Do you know this for a fact? Or is this more speculation. In the metro area that I live in, council business is conducted at night, so the public can attend. A conflict of interest? Not in my opinion! It's a person committed to civic duty.

    "We, on the other hand, have been told we can't retire and receive a full pension until age 65." Where does it say THAT in the Teamster policy book, rulebook, contract, or anything else you can dig up? In the pension area that I am in, I can retire any time I have the required number of years of contributory service in, it has nothing to do with my age! I can't retire with full SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS UNTIL I am 66! Is this what you are trying to get across to the uninformed?

    "Can't take another job"? You mean NO JOB WHATSOEVER? I can't sweep floors at the local hospital? I can't wait tables? I can't cook at the local Micky D's? Where does it say that? Our local has approved all kinds of work after retirement, even going so far as to approve some driving jobs (OK, now jumb on THIS one!).

    You talk about confusing us...I think YOU have done a pretty good job. Yes, YOU have led by example!
  5. raceanoncr

    raceanoncr Well-Known Member want proof from the tone of all your other posts, so here goes.

    Prove to me, or us, that this agent is making $82.000 a yr as a Teamster official. I know what they make, but others may not and just assume you are correct, so prove it to us, then I'll believe.

    You say he receives a paycheck from the city council...prove it! I checked the website and didn't see anything about pay, or pension, for that matter! "Now we know that he has two jobs, collecting two salaries, two pensions". Prove it!

    You are right that government business usually takes place during business hours, but what about city council business? Can you prove that they meet during the day? Here in our local metro area (500,000 by legal count, over a million with surrounding burbs), the council meets at night. Why? For public convenience. Why, we even have a few package drivers that serve on some of the 'burbs local councils. I don't think that would be possible if they only met during "business hours".

    We can't retire until age 65? Where did this come from? Where does it say I can't retire until age 65? From what I understand, I can retire anytime I want to if I have the required yrs of contributory service in. I know I can't retire with full SOCIAL SECURITY benefits until I am 66! Is this what you mean? If so, what's this got to do with Teamsters?

    We can't take another job after we retire? I say, if you're that desperate for a job, WHY RETIRE?!!!!!! And who says you can't take another job? Teamsters? I don't think so! Here in our local, many jobs have been approved, even some driving jobs. Prove it, please!

    "Confusing us"? Yes, you are! You ARE "leading by example"!
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    No you can not do the "jobs" you mentioned after you retire. You would be competing against union labor. WalMart/ No they are retail and anti union. Sweeping floors? You are competing against the hotel workers. You can not do "any" job that competes with the "REAMSTERS" collecting dues. Please read the union rule book about what you can do for money after you have spent your life working for a company and not a union. You might be surprised that the "union" can cut you off from any future benefits if you put a toe over the line they have drawn. Tread lightly.
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    The employees in Central States have been issued a pamphlet explaining the many restrictions that are placed on us. It is set up so that the Teamsters keep our pension money for additional years for them to enjoy. If we retire before the age of 62 or 65 (depending on years of service), we get penalized 6% for each year under this age. For example, if I retire at age 55, I would lose 7 times 6% or 42 % of the pension money I earned after these cuts took effect. My medical, if I elected to keep them, would be $1,080 a month after I retire. By the time the Teamsters are finished reducing my pension, I will have very little left to live on. I don't know what part of the country you are from, but do you have these restrictions as well? I doubt it. This is just the beginning. Eventually, cuts will be made to most, if not all, pensions plans handled by the Teamsters. I will bet that you didn't even bother to check the salaries that these business agents make or the huge salaries that the Teamster leaders are taking for themselves while they impose cuts on us. The business agent in question is never around to answer calls.
    He shows his face once in a blue moon, shakes your hand, and leaves. Don't be naive and think that he is working for free at the city council. I know it is not a big salary from the city, but he is still working at a job other than the one that we are paying him to do. Out of curiousity, what is your position with UPS? Are you a driver, or a paid representative of the Teamster Union?
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    Having your BA perform public service while running the local union hall would generally be considered a positive. Many of your council members often have other jobs or multiple jobs in addition to their civic responsibilities. if you think your guy is not doing his job then have him voted out.

    Have you raised the issue in one of your monthly union meetings yet?
  9. local804

    local804 Well-Known Member shows what alot of BA`s make. Maybe I should represent him and try to get him more money :)
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    What actual union book are you talking about? While retirement is not on the top of my mind atm, alot of ex-UPS drivers have worked at other jobs just like you posted. With no problems, I might add.
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    So instead of bitching on the internet, go around your hub, shoot your mouth off, hand out flyers about this guy to inform your local members so when election comes around you all can kick his ass out.

    Or is it easier to just complain instead of doing something?
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    BINGO! I knew this was gonna get a response! Check parenthesis! How predictable! Anyway, Sat..."Competing against union labor"? Sweeping floors? Here? Hotel workers? That'll be the day that hotel workers become ANY kind of union here. We have plenty of retirees sweeping, mopping floors, cleaning rooms, etc. You mean I would be competing against Teamster "French Fry Crew Chief" at Mikey D's if I flipped burgers? Come on! We have retirees mowing lawns at golf courses. My best friend, whom I just talked to last night, has gotten approved for quarry work in another state. Me? I really don't care what the "union book" says on this anyway (by the way, what page is that on?). I believe in the word RETIRE and plan to live by it! I think after 30 or more yrs in this kinda position that I should have my affairs in order that I won't have to worry about another job after I RETIRE! Let's see...RETIRE so that I can get another job...hmmm...that's what I want to look forward to.
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    Ok, Eng, if this is true, why can a friend of mine retire last yr at age 58 with 31 yrs in, get 3100 bucks? Why can I retire now with 29 yrs and 2900 bucks? True or false? I just called and got confirmation. Age? 59. Pension fund? Central States. Geez, maybe you're in the wrong Central States. OK, be that as it may, I ain't gonna argue bout it cuz I checked on it and all the retirees I know are getting like amounts...all under 62 and 65, what about medical.

    Is this a pension reduction? Sure, I agree that insurance used to be $50 but, come on, get real! Where can you go anymore for 50 smackers a month for coverage? Are they taking this out of my pension? NO! I choose or NOT choose to buy insurance! Maybe I am covered by my spouses insurance! It doesn't seem to be a reduction in my pension benefits...only if I choose!

    Check on the salaries of the BA's where I live? Didn't bother to check? How presumtuous!!! Do I act like I've been living under a rock the last few yrs? Of course I know what my BA's make! We just had one retire, yes, I thought about accepting. We just had two package drivers accept BA's position. Do I know? Give me a break!

    Your BA shows up once in a while and just shakes your hand and leaves? Man! If that would happen here...I'd corner him and make him answer to a LOT of questions! In fact, that's EXACTLY what we did and ALL the BA's here stand up when we speak! Maybe you should be as assertive there as you are here!

    I'm being naive and thinking he's working for free? Did I say that? I asked for proof that he's double dipping and conducting council business on BA business time! You missed what I said before about conducting council business in off hours. Is this the case? It ain't been proved to me yet.

    Look, Eng, you want proof, answers, I do too. Let's have some.

    For your info, no, I'm not a paid Teamster official. Just a grunt. Feeder driver, sleeper team to be more exact with 29 yrs
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    The local here in Dayton, Ohio made a retired driver quit driving a hearst for a funeral home, or else he would have to subtract from his pension the amount he made at the funeral home. It was taking a possible job away from a possible union worker. Plus if he was able to drive for the funeral home he could drive for the parcel.
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    I dont think that just because he could drive for a funeral home means he could still drive a p1000 and deliver 200 stops 300 pieces at Christmas time. The comparision between the two jobs are not even close. I dont know what goes down in Buckeye Country but I know for a fact that retired UPS drivers from the Local 804 HAVE gotten jobs with the Nassau County Department of Public Works, Tudor Time (drives a bus) and Sears.These are just 3 that I am thinking about off the top of my head. Maybe, if what your saying is true, something should be changed next year at contract time at a local level.
    Good Luck to you.
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    I am in Central States and engineer79 is correct, we were told that we could not work certain jobs when we leave UPS and the IBT. The Teamsters want a young employee working union related jobs so they will pay dues and put money in the Pension Funds. You will have your pension payments cut off if you do work certain jobs. I attended a Central States Retirement Seminar and those words came straight out of the Representative's mouth. The lesson everyone should learn from the CS fiasco is you need to save and invest own your own, don't count on the IBT.They mismanage our Pension and Benefit Plan, and then tell people that counted on them for their retirement where they can and can't work.:mad:
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    Go to the restrictions are posted there.
    Sorry about saying the union book, I should have said Central States. They are the one the union uses to control our pension Plus, you can not work over 80 hours a month at any job and still collect your pension. That's their rules.
    Just went to that site tonight. After working 25 years and paying $500. a month for medical at the age of 58. I get to bring home(after taxes) $394.07 a week.
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    Just went to that site tonight. After working 25 years and paying $500. a month for medical at the age of 58. I get to bring home(after taxes) $394.07 a week.[/QUOTE]

    God Damn....
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    God Damn....[/QUOTE]I made a mistake.
    If I want my wife to receive a pension check after my death, I have to deduct another 15% from my pension benefit per month so my wife can receive 1/2 of my pension. My benefit would be $377.15 a month if I stay alive. If I die, my widow gets $188.58 a week for her lifetime. Social Security will pay more than that and we know how poorly that is run. Reality sucks sometimes, but those are the facts. Mismanagement by the "REAMSTERS" has made this a reality for UPS employees. Look out for your own future local804.
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