Teamsters’ next hurdle: Election (Local 631 Las Vegas)

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by outamyway, Apr 6, 2008.

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    Although UPS isn't mentioned in the article I assure you Las Vegas UPSers are right in the middle of it. There have been quite a few rumors around here about a lot of union problems we're having. I don't want to spread anything around that may not be true so I give you an article to help illustrate reasons why we're having so many.

    These are the guys who are suppose to represent us.
  2. 705red

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    I am familair with ed burke and dane passo and if any if these guys have ties to them vote them out! Looks like you fellows in vegas might get a new slate of leaders. How have they treated upsers? Probably not that great since you were not even mentioned in that article. Good luck to all of you in 631.
  3. The truth

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    The people that are promoting these article's are directly connected to Frank Incandella and Passo. The guy running for president ran with Incandella during the last electiom. Incandella who ran for ST and Ray Isner who ran for RS ran with this individual as their president. Incandella and Isner where barred for life for contact with Passo. The freight backers of this slate have current conections and interactions with these barred members.