Teamsters drive card-check campaign at Overnite

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    Teamsters drive card-check campaign at Overnite - People's Weekly World

    Reviving a campaign they suspended several years ago, the Teamsters will try to organize the 15,000 drivers for Overnite Transportation, but with a difference: they will do so via card-check.
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    ups pkg car driver 20yrs

    A very welcomed announcement. We warmly invite all former Overnite
    employees to become Teamsters. You'll be part of the most profitable
    transportation company in the world, as a Teamster you'll be among the
    highest compensated workers in the industry. Unions and industry work!
    Two of the most sucessful transportation companies in the world, UPS
    and Yellow are Teamster representated.
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    UPS Freight will more than likely have a better retirement without the Teamsters. Ours in Central States is nothing to brag about. We really need help from UPS to create a single employer pension plan.
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    Have it from a reliable source that the UPS freight people want nothing to do with the IBT and are very excited about A.P.W.A:w00t:
  5. No one at my center has even heard of the A.P.W.A.! Weather or not we join the teamsters is up to each employee. Not some phantom union.
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    Well We Are Signing Cards For The Apwa!!!!! And For The Ups Freight Driver Who Has Lived A Shelted Life The Apwa Is Real And Has A Lot Of Support From Ups Freight. At The Present Time There Is 3 Locations That Have 100% Card Signed For The Apwa. Those People In The Arm Pit Of Indiana Fell For The Lies Of The Ibt After The Apwa Saved Them From Them On That Friday And Got Stupied And Went Back And Resigned Cards For The Ibt . I Do Not Fell One Bit Soory For Them . How Would You Like Someone Making A Contract For You That Lied To You From The Word Go!!!!! Not Me The Apwa All The Way Baby. 23 Yr. Overnite/ Ups Freight Employee