Teamsters plan 'vote no' rally for UPS contract

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    Teamsters plan 'vote no' rally for UPS contract - Louisville Business First

    Teamsters in Louisville are planning a "vote no" rally on Friday, urging union members not to ratify a tentative labor deal between union leadership and United Parcel Service Inc.

    The International Brotherhood of Teamsters announced in June that it had reached a tentative national labor deal with Atlanta-based UPS (NYSE: UPS) that included full-time job opportunities for part-time workers and improved the part-time wage structure and start rate. Find more details on the contract here.

    The national contract was negotiated by leadership at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, but it isn't final until a majority of members ratify it. And some groups in the Teamster ranks are urging fellow members to vote against it. Leaders at Teamsters Local 89, which represents workers in Louisville, are staging the "vote no" rally, which is planned at UPS's Bluegrass Parkway facility.
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