Ten Biggest Strikes in U.S. History

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    Did anyone else notice that all of the companies/industries, other than UPS and USPS, are pretty much gone or irrelevant today.

    I doubt USPS will go on strike ever again or if anyone would even notice.
    I can't remember the last time I got anything of importance in the mail.
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    You won't have to check the mailbox.

    Just keep checking back here. :wink2:

  4. the USPS has a no strike clause.! Almost as useless as our union!
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    Or do you mean useless cry babies that think the union has to do everything for?
  6. No...........I meant the .....Stinking union has to do something for us...........besides take $1000 bucks plus a year in dues .....and sell us out..........thats what meant!........Oh yes I forgot about watching union brothers and sisters getting harassed and fired without reason................while they dont a F#%*ing thing about it.....except play golf with the CEO!
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    50% of that list got what they wanted. And 50% of the lists work was out sourced to other country's because the 1%ers are greedy and don't like to share.
  9. No reply.....thats what I thought!...you know im right!!.............rah rah Team (crap)care.........BIG OLE................... F.....ING NO VOTE! here
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    Sounds like 804
  11. Nope....this brick wall is a little further South...!
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    They would be out of business if they had not.

    I don't know how to reconcile yours and my bad feelings against companies outsourcing since the alternative is usually going out of business.
    We are lucky at UPS because we provide a service that requires physical presence in the locale of pickup, transport,sort and delivery of packages.

    It seems the days of strong trade restrictions in the USA are gone because they are generally bad for the consumer.
    The consumer is king.

    Despite the advantages of free trade, many nations impose limits on trade for a variety of reasons. The main types of trade restrictions are tariffs, quotas, embargoes, licensing requirements, standards, and subsidies.
    Tariffs, taxes on imports, raise the price of imported goods, which increases the demand and price for the same goods produced by domestic suppliers. Revenues from tariffs are collected by the domestic government.
    Quotas put a legal limit on the amount that can be imported, creating shortages which cause prices to rise. A quota benefits domestic producers in the same way a tariff does, but the additional money expended on foreign goods goes to the foreign producers, not the domestic government.
    Embargoes prohibit trade with other nations. They bar a foreign nation's imports or ban exports to that nation or both.
    Licenses may be required of importers of foreign goods so that imports can be restricted by limiting the number of licenses issued. Export licenses may be required in order to implement partial embargoes on trade with specific nations.
    Standards are laws or regulations establishing health and safety standards for imported goods, frequently much stricter than those applied to domestically produced goods.
    Subsidies are payments made by governments to their domestic producers to enable them to compete with foreign competitors. They are usually intended to be temporary, allowing domestic producers to acquire new technology or to survive a short-term problem, but they frequently linger on for many years. It is difficult to dislodge entrenched special interests. Taxpayers bear the costs of subsidy payments.

    Trade restrictions
    limit world trade, diminish economic efficiency, reduce total production and employment, raise prices, and encourage retaliation. They benefit some domestic companies and their workers at the expense of foreign companies and workers, and domestic consumers. While subsidies benefit some domestic companies and workers in exporting industries, tariffs reduce exports. Tariffs shift resources and production from more effective to less effective producers. Arguments used to support trade restrictions include the infant industry argument and the national security or strategic industry argument.
  13. Thanks for the red writing condensed......IVE version.....didnt wanna read all that. BS!...Lol
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    You are wrong. No offense.
  15. No offense taken....but far from wrong!
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    Are you a steward? You ever tried to get involved? I am and I got involved pretty early in my career. I'm a player in my local. Are a player?? It's not as hard as you think. My involvement and what I know since I stepped up would embarrass 99% of the whiners on this site. It's just that easy to make a difference but it's even easier to bitch moan complain and point fingers. It's even easier to go on an Internet forum and complain without even a soul knowing who you are. I've said it before and I'll say it again. People in my area know who I am on here do they know who you are?? Think about this before you throw up some random post.
  17. nope not a steward....yes I get involved...maybe sometimes too much.......I do not feel the benefits from the IBT.............NOT bashing my local........Just the sell outs above them!........No im not wining....just expressing my views...................just like I open my big mouth down at the hall
    when something smells bad.....I call it out!....thats all
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    Let me tell you something about out sourcing. It's reason the country is going down hill (the dollar to the petrodollar tanking.), unemployment at a all time high. lower management brain washed thinking that unions are the problem.

    If company owners took care of their employees unions wouldn't be in the picture. Ask workers that are treated well that are nonunion they will never vote the unions in.
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    I think you misunderstood.

    We are in agreement.

    I don't agree with outsourcing especially to another country.

    ​I must say that I don't think it is "the reason" for the USA going downhill but it is certainly a major part of the many reasons.
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    No. You wrote to much. You lost me at they would be out of business.