The Case for Straightlining

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Dec 19, 2012.

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    Here's a representative example, which is surely happening in a lot of locations right now. Our sort went down today at 0930, yet we were told NOT to straightline and to "protect service". We were also told to take full breaks. Our inbound has more than doubled lately, and we are getting hundreds of DEX 01's every day. In the past, we would be allowed to "straightline" and take a short break, just so we could get it all (or at least most of it) off. No longer.

    In peaks of the past, they would also start people early and send them out with the residentials left over from the day before that were DEX01's. Makes sense, and most of them can be released without waking people up at 0630. No more...too many hours.

    Straightlining makes sense at peak because there isn't much service to be protected when you have 45 minutes to get-off your P1. There are fewer DEX01's, which means less re-work the next day. Most customers realize we are under the gun, and that the money-back guarantee is null and void anyway, so why sweat service? Because they are dumb, something we already know, but they insist on proving it day after day as if we don't already believe it. YOU ARE EFFING STUPID, AND SO ARE YOUR BOSSES!!

    Hey managers, maybe we actually know what we're doing out there and also know what it takes to deliver the maximum number of packages in the shortened window we've been given. Why don't you just stay at home and watch reruns of "The Golden Girls", because then we'd actually be able to get the job done, both for FedEx, and for the customers.

    God, what a stupid company.
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    Funny our Mgr who never says "straightline" instructed us to "straightline" today, with no mention of protecting service of any level.
    our Volume however has tripled.
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    I was on rural rte today where goal is about 40 stops . A6 service. I had 150 stops. This :censored2: manager runs up and says its ok to straightline to me. Really? thats very nice I say, when I leave kind sir please put a pallet next to my space and leave a paper that says dex 1's on it. He looks confused. I take my leave .
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    Well you shouldn't have used jargon like "pallet". Most of our front line mgmt today has no real experience in the shipping industry. Next time try talking slower and use the phrase "large wooden thingy".
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    We were given the go ahead to straightline on Tue. ... also 30 min lunches are OK !!! It's helped but damn it's busy. My numbers doubled on Wed....tripled today. :knockedout:
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    Same here! What I love is disp. sends me to help another route yesterday at 1800. It's pitch black, he gives me the 30 stops he has where there are no street lights and dirt roads (in a city I've never delivered in). He takes the 30 on the other side of the tracks where the million dollar homes are all on streets with lighting! Of course, this is an hour from the station and all my outbound didn't get out! So on one hand, good decision on straightlining, bad decision to allow outbound to sit overnight.
  7. I see Express out LATE this week .. our volume has easily doubled but still get done WAY earlier .. and do more stops than you guys .. because we "straightline" .. so I agree with Mr FedEx for once .. idiotic decisions by FDX management!
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    Obviously one of those iron-fisted demands from MT3 who has no clue when it comes to delivering packages.
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    Sounds like you need to straighten this other courier out.
  10. I was worried that i wasn't going to get an hour break in between my delivery route and my pickup one, so I called dispatch and explained my situation and the guy said "actually, management has said that for right now it's ok if you only take a thirty minute break." I was so relieved to hear that. and then a couple minutes later I said "wait a minute, I was worried that an hour long break would prevent me from doing my route, and I was relieved to hear that I would only be "required" to take a break half as long as normal, for a 13+ hour day??? I slapped myself and kept driving