The National TSC Help Desk in Las Vegas

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    :mad: I figured I would be the first to start this post for the rest of the call center! Hello World! I work at the new UPS Help Desk in Las Vegas, Nevada as an internal help desk tech for the hubs. To all of you who lost your job because of this call center... I'm sorry you lost your job... really. I heard UPS closed 8 call centers around the U.S. just to make this one call center... but as you all know how UPS works, there's more poop than meets the eye. Let me just start by exposing some basics about the new call center you're just dying to hear!

    First, this call center is paying 50% of what the original TSC agents pay was! I was told TSC techs used to get paid about $26 an hour... I get paid $13 an hour. It's not so bad if you like sharp sticks in your eye.

    Second, the budget has been micro-managed into a dirt cheap, "cost-effective" low balling project aimed at condensing UPS technical knowledge into customer service script readers. They do it by using HDFS to build a knowledge database of answers to all technical questions that come in. Once this database is complete and there are no scheduled software deployments for at least 1 year, they will cut wages even further, firing technicians and hiring cheaper customer service agents to use this database to answer these technical questions and problems that come into the call center. I used to work for AOL tech support... they fired 600 people once their database was complete. Many businesses have decided this is the future of tech support, screwing the technology industry. Also, apparently the TSC desk in Nashville that was closed also used to have all flat screen panels, modern computers and wireless headsets. Now, we have 5 year old technology without enough RAM, CRT box monitors, and you guessed... Wireless headsets?!? Only enough for the Supervisors and Coaches! Screw the little guy!

    Third, Nepitism... need I say more. Favoritism runs rampant in the TSC, with supervisors choosing there favorite buddies for coach positions...grooming them for the job while completely insulting hard working, dedicated agents by casting they're resume aside for a buddy and trampling principles like truth, ability, and integrity! That's what boils my blood the most! I worked my ass off and proved to these people that I have what it takes to do the job, and because of favoritism, I was placed on the night shift, where management interaction and promotions are minimal and we are overlooked because no one knows who we are! All of my supervisors and coaches favorite "buddies" are on the day shift, propped in front of the manager all day, stuck halfway up his ass for a promotion of 50 cents more an hour and something shiny to put on their resumes! I'm done trying to do anything to get the coach position! Nothing I do matters anymore and they make it blatently obvious they are condoning favoritism!

    I hate my job so much now between the lame politics, constant back stabbing and snitching, lies from the management, ass kissing, aggravation and especially the favoritism! These Big Brown Turds are lucky I depended on them for a steady job for at least 2 years. Now I am stuck with them because I really need a stable job in my life at this moment. As it is, I already made other plans for my primary source of income, since UPS can't even afford to pay technicians what they really cost. I'd like to shove a Union rep up my managers ass so far, he'll be quoting state law by next week! And that's saying it nicely. TSC techs...if you see this posting and don't come out with the truth... you're probably the little ass kissing, back stabbing, dirt throwing, shallow excuse for a brown turd I was just talking about! I don't even have to name know who you are! This is your time and place to let everyone know the truth about the Big Brown Poop!
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    I think I talked to you last week!!!!!!! On a more serious note,that is the new UPS and as the word spreads what this company is becoming-they will be hard pressed to find quality,dedicated employees.
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    Well that does it for me. Its a crying shame so many good TSC's lost their job to the malcontent idiot on this thread.
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    Bigbrownpoop - Is this my favorite packageguylv all over again? You are one funny angry dude man.
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    Thanks for the info! Nice post, most of that sounds like the old days when I was working at the TSC. I hope many of my former coworkers read this. Hang in there, I'm sure you'll find a better job with better pay if you look enough.
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    I have one thing to ask, do you take calls from people who place bets? You know the commercials they used to run on USA Network Saturday mornings. For instance, there would be some dude saying, "Call me I have the info on the spread of the USC vs UCLA Game.
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    BBP, I`m sure what you say about how your department works is true, however, I find it very hard to believe that they were getting $26.00 an hour.
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    I have to agree with this. I don't think the TSC techs were making this much.
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    If you don't like your job, QUIT!
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    You can be like the drivers in vegas and quit to vallet park cars.
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    Some of us were making that kind of money. It wasnt worth it working at that dump.
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    Sure I can see how some of the TSC techs were making $26.00 an hour, there were many good techs and they were fun to talk with. I am sure they had their technicians, senior technicians and specialist like TSG and we in TSG are hitting close to $30.00 an hour.

    How come when I call the help desk I get Oklahoma, not Nevada?

  13. Jeffrey

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    Oklahoma? There is no help desk in Oklahoma that I'm aware of.
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    Ain't that America!, Home of the Free Slaves ! I enjoyed your article. I'm a delivery driver/20 year upser. I never met a phone center worker but I remember when they consolidated. I don't think I could handle all the ignorant customers on the phone. Hang in there, keep your mouth shut, do your job the best you can and don't lie to the customers. If you don't know the answer to a "dumb" question; refer them to one of those "wonderful" supervisors instead of making up something just to get rid of them.
  15. ups-submariner

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    Hey Tieguy (Benevolent Dictator) from the East Coast, You're the "crying shame" and there isn't much chance of you being right this time either unless you work there pal. Let the dude vent his frustrations. Oh wait, you're probably management so you can't be wrong anyway!
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    When I left the TSC I was making almost $22/hour after more than 6 years. Not sure what my coworkers of similar seniority were making but I think it was more. I'll probably make less at my next job, but after hearing from some of the techs who have stayed at UPS it was well worth it to leave. Sounds like things are getting worse really fast.
  17. BrownTurd

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    Let me restate, I read that the Neveda Help Center was also taking care of SCS, but the last two times I called the SCS help desk the people I talked to was in Oklahoma.
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    Strange...I've never heard of any UPS helpdesk in Oklahoma
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    They are probably really in India.
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    Same stuff they do in TSG man. It's just the way the company has decided to work their techinical side. This year they've raised our quotas on the time we have to log and plan per day then took away a bunch of maintence logs we used to get every month.

    They're basically raising the goals and lowering the amount of work so it's damn near impossible to meet the goals. They can then come back with the numbers to show they have cause for more lay offs and scrap off another round of techs.

    I don't know what their goal is for the future, but they're sure trying like hell to cut loose as many techs as they can. I'm going to bet you're correct in saying they want to get ride of all the $20-$30 p/h guys so they can bring in a bunch of $10 p/h script reads.

    God I can't wait to get out of this company ...