The numbers scam.

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    Sorry thats what it is these sups always pull this numbers bs every year around peak acting like they matter which there is no way they do because nif that was the case people would be gettimg fired left and right. I just feel this is their way of sayong hey you all are slow af but im going to make this a competition for that dopamine aka compliments . i think its insulting we don't get extra pay or anything for doing "big numbers" .

    Also i dont what it is but these hires that habe came in since january are some of the laziest humans i jave ever worked with so for them to start talking about numbers to me is just a way they treat you like your nothing and pet you on the head likena good dog and keep doing what your doing for no extra incentive then after peak dont say a word and the sups start talking about how lazy the people they where praising during peak is after peak is over like they did before peak.

    Also alot of the sups are trash . some are dope but alot are straight petty.
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    One package at a time
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  6. Netsua 3:16

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    Smile, laugh, and say “ok.” Work at a good pace, collect your check and go home. Or quit.
  7. specter208

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    They are doing their job and you should focus on yours. I try not take things personal because they are our supervisor and they have their own superiors higher than themselves.
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    Shut up and run scratch
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    I love hearing the horror stories on here. At our PCM on Friday, our center manager actually told 180 drivers he wants us to go slower, lmao.
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    OP was trying to say something to us?
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    I see you’ve uncovered some of the most closely guarded secrets of UPS.
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    Yeah,he’s on the midnite sort in Bismarck now