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    I love management. I have the easiest route in the center. God bless them.
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    Their corporate agreement on (no fines) egress is now toilet tissue. Broken this spring and that's good news for workers.
  3. We have lots of people on comp. That might draw a little attention
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    Didnt follow the methods?
  5. They are people not machines.
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    We had a loader like that. I ran a heavy back-breaker industrial route back then.

    350 to 450 pieces loaded per day, the loads were tight and absolutely perfect. Maybe once every 2 weeks I'd have to flip 2 packages. That was it.

    This kid was the best there's ever been, always on time, quiet and hardworking. He'd been here for 2 years and one day he went to management requesting 3 days off for a family emergency.

    Management said no. They wouldn't even listen.

    So he quit.

    It took 2 people to do his pull, load quality went in the toilet and we got out 20 minutes later after wrapping up. Which consisted of part-time supervisors urging us and a group of pre-loaders to just pile everything in back..the drivers can't sort it out later.