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    I had this situation arise the other day and was wondering what other drivers make of it.

    I do have an anxiety disorder which make working for UPS...umm...well, interesting since I'd say it's borderline paranoia, but I think a lot of drivers get that way with the games being played...Anyways, the story...

    I was taking splits every day this week. Mon was finished work at 1705 and then told to drive 96KM round trip for a split. Ok, no biggy. Tues a driver was sick so ran his ressies. Ok, no biggy. Wed, safety meeting (we have safety tests here since literally half our drivers were thrown on road without proper training), ok, no biggy. Thurs was given a split about 30KM out of area...kind of ticked and asked Sup to try to give me a break since had been working until 2000 every day so far that week. Fri was given another split for same area (was informed at 1300 so was exausted and had been just running regularly instead of a madman with a split coming his way so got hoooooosed bad)...

    So I called my sup and was told, 'I can't tell you, it's confidential'. When I got back to the depot I asked another sup and was told, 'I dunno what HE was talking about but the reason for it is because we'd otherwise have to give 140 stops to this other poor guy. The person that usually does that area was on vacation.'

    Was that so hard to tell me instead of playing with smoke and mirrors? I'd MUCH rather have someone tell me the truth of the situation then a 'I can't tell you, it's a conspiracy and I'd have to kill you.'

    Does it bother anyone else out there that they don't know WHY? Or does that part of you just 'die' after awhile of this political mumbo jumbo until you become the UPS robot and just do as you're told with no questions asked?
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    You sure like making threads lately :surprised::happy-very::funny::funny:
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    Your anxiety disorder could be a real drawback at UPS if you let it.

    There are many sups out there that would play on that high strung nature of yours just to get to you. You have to find a way to control it instead.

    When I first started, I had two sups that would get their jollies off by keeping me so torn up that I had problems sleeping, had serious issues with my marriage, and physically was leaving me a wreck.

    Follow the instructions of one would lead to the other trying to fire me for a multitude of reasons. It was at that time that I developed a real hatred for UPS in general, and those managers in particular. It was to the point that I could never ever say a good thing about UPS.

    Thank God I had a center manager that transfered in that put things in the proper perspective. Never forget him telling me that I work for UPS, not the sups. Those sups will come and go, but I and UPS would still be in the same position, with the same relationship.

    He also got me to understand that while I was not perfect, I was over all a dang good employee, one that had a lot of skills and potential. He also told me that I needed to look objectively at my day at UPS. I would be the one to know if I could have improved on that day, and what I needed to do to get that improvement.

    And for sure, I really didn't need to listen to those sups to develop my sense of self worth.

    You know, he was right. I allowed them to get under my skin, treat me like a used condom, then make me think it was all my fault.

    Yeah the games continued, until they realized they were not messing with my head anymore. And after a while, the games quit.

    You will always run into jerks, mean, or even sadistic sups during your career at UPS. The trick is to not let them get into your head to play their games, and sooner or later they will either quit or move on.

    And believe it or not, having someone to talk to helps, whether wife or co worker.

    I also think that is why this site is so valuable as well. It allows discussion of issues like this without personal judgments.

  4. bluehdmc

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    I believe it's called "mushroom management".
    To grow mushrooms you must keep them in the dark and feed them BS!

    Although what dannyboy says is probably very good advice.
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    dat's beautiful, bluehdmc
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    Danny a question. why didnt the center manager just tell the sups to stop being a-holes?
  7. tieguy

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    Any sup who tells you the reason they gave you extra work is confidential has to be an idiot. that just opens up a can of worms that creates more problems.
  8. dannyboy

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    Tie, he did tell them. Problem was, it made it worse. And since at that time, our center manager was out of the center at least three days a week......

    Besides, some people just cant help themselves. They see someone they can intimidate or bully, they just get moist at the chance. It wasnt until I showed them it didnt bother me anymore that it was no long fun.

    So they went to another hourly with their jollies.

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    Who cares, its light out until 9pm. I could see more anxiety if it was getting dark at 4:30. One stop at a time.
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    I honestly don't even notice my anxiety until people tease me about it. I usually find the humor in it after they tease me. My preloader constantly will have MASSIVE packages come down the belt and say, 'oh, this ones yours, where you do you want?' Of course, being gullible and anxious I think, 'oh no! Not again!' but watch it go right down the belt.

    My sups will tease me about splits that won't exist and such things will does bother me for a bit. The only time it REALLY bothers me is when they don't tell me they're kidding so I'm worried all day about it. They've kind of stopped doing that though since I think they realize I'm kinda weird that way ;)

    I honestly get along pretty well with my sups. I'm one of the only drivers that knows most of the city since I did some air driving when injured so I think that's why they put weird stuff on my truck. Either that or they just don't like me, which is likely too :D
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