There is plenty of time to vote the contract three times before August 1

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    Samuel G replied to the question : Just what do you want? "We want more and more of more and more." He's answer drew the distinction between American trade unionist and communist socialist.

    UPS has more and you owe it to your family to bring home more and more. You agent can only get more if the agent is firmly convinced that you will not show up for work on August 1.

    Don't walk the picket line. Stay home and make love with your spouse or take out for dinner. August is hot. Make Those stock holders sweet. This economy is about to heat up and you do not want to be caught with your Browns down. $1.00 for the first three years or strike!!:funny: Let them know that harassment is going to cost them big. Make Wall Street dump their stock and maybe the company will buy it back.

    With the bonus management is taking it appears trying to make it a non-profit as far as the workers go.

    Please list behaviors that you consider harassment and I bet there will be a consensus formed as to what can be in the contract. Take this list with you to your union hall on Saturday and tell them Froggie sent you. You are in the drivers seat.
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    Ill tell them Froggie the 4 post legend sent me.
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    I see mr 6557 post. If you think I am wasting my time with 4 post you are probably right. Just think of how many hours of your life you have wasted. Reclaim your life people.
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    Lol that's some funny :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: there
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    I think I'll go make love to my spouse...thanks for the reminder froggie!!
  6. anonymous6

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    i heard the other side aint too happy either.

  7. Inthegame

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    G also said, "The worst crime against working people is a company which fails to operate at a profit". Good thing for us we have the IBT and UPS.
  8. jumpman23

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    5.00 in 5 years is what it should be nothing less with the profit their making ridiculous dude
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    I got as far as "Samuel G replied to the question : Just what do you want? "We want more and more of more and more." He's answer drew the distinction between American trade unionist and communist socialist"

    Is it worth reading the rest? I think not.

    ***KOC shuffles off to kitchen for a beer....
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    Best move of the day!!!
  11. Inthegame

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    Jump, I'd love $5 in 5 years, but I like $3.90 plus $200 additional benefit contributions per week per employee too. Have you seen what it costs to ship a one pound pkg these days? How high do you think UPS can raise their rates and stay competitive with the lower wage FedEx? $3.90 is going be a challenge friend.
  12. Coldworld

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    Ups raises its rates and FedEx follows...happens every time.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    So let me get this straight !!!

    You want to strike because you want $5 in the 5 year contract, when UPS is giving $4 ($3.90 to some) for the 5 years plus the additional money into healthcare and pension.

    Sparky, I don't know how you walk with balls that big !!

    Glad you don't represent anyone but I may pay a dollar for more of your stand up material !!!
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    ups is making so much money they won't have to raise rates. But they probably will.

    It is not just the money ups need to be punished for the way they have been harassing their employees. But money is how you keep score.

    $5 and five yrs.
  15. Coldworld

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    I agree...the workloads and bs harassment that's been going on forever.....the breaking down of our bodies but its "our" fault because were not doing the fing methods....I do enjoy the fact that most of the sups could never come out and do what I do everyday especially at the pace they "want" you to go...especially in the long term.
  16. jumpman23

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    we all drink out of the same cup bro. everyday dealing with their lies and bs. It does get old quick dude
  17. jumpman23

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    i didnt say i want to strike there big boy. Just saying we deserve 5 in 5 years. You know just as well they can afford that and the money in our pension. Dont get your panties up in a bunch wow man lol.
  18. East coast navy

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    You can still vote no and there is a good possibility not to go on strike. The company and IBT would just have to go back and work thing out. And I think the company wouldn't let us go on strike for $1.10 for five years if they keep making record break profits. Besides we are not on a company plan in this TA and that is what the company really wanted.
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    you ever buy or sell a car and take the first offer?

    you ever buy or sell a house and take the first offer?

    this is a hundred times more important and you all are gonna take the first offer?
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