thinking about going to trailer shop


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i have worked at ups part time for 5 years as a sorter and am looking into getting into their shop. i know in our area (milw wi) our mechanics are part of the machinists union. are their benefits the same as the teamsters? i know the pension is different. is the pay scale and raises the same also? i do have experience. i went to my local college and got a one year in diesel and power train service, and have been working at an international dealership for about a year and a half. currently i am working on getting my class A cdl (that is the only thing keeping me from applying) so if there are any mechanics around here, could you tell me anything that may be beneficial, or maybe a heads up about certain things on the job.


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Go for it! Their union and pension are in much better shape than ours.

One of our mechanics was in the last UPS CDL school, so you probably don't need it before you start.


Parts on order, will schedule
i talked to the shop sup and was told that they used to hire people without their cdl and give them 90 days to get it, but people would not get it and it would just turn into a mess. so now they require a cdl. is there a contract that i could look up to see their pension plan?


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If you can get in with the trailer shop guys go for it. the pay for trailer shop is a bit lower then the journeymen mechanics. The pension is the big selling point with the machinists union. very hard to beat today... 20 yrs down the road it could be different. i can say this, as it stands right now, I'll be making more money per month retired, then I will working. without getting into specific numbers.

I don't know of a copy of the contract online. But for the most part it coincides with the teamsters, far as pay goes. Fact, I think you will see pay scales close for the trailer shop guys in the teamsters that will give you a good idea. but keep in mind that some locals might be a bit different depending where your at. also, I think it some parts of the country, the mechanics are under the teamsters, not the machinists union.