Thinking of quiting UPS :(

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by ovid, Jul 13, 2007.

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    My Dad tells me that he made more money an hour than I do now - 25 years ago!

    I am a PT worker, and I have no idea what is the situation for FT workers, but I hear that only workers, that have been with UPS, since 2002, will get the (whopping dollar an hour) raise? I have only been with the company for a year, but I work just as hard everyday, and I intend to quit working for the company if this is true. I am already severely underpaid, and not getting a raise is a slap in the face to me. Getting a straight answer from my union steward, seems to be difficult, as he does not seem to be particularly well informed (or else he is rather taciturn)...

    Basically... if I (an employee with only a year+ of 'seniority') am waiting for the "new contract" to save me, with better wages - am I screwed, and should just quit now?

    I am REALLY thinking of leaving... your thoughts, and opinions please!

    PS, all of my bosses (from the PT sups, to the center managers) praise me non-stop and say I am one of the best workers ever, but, a pat on the back, and a "great job buddy", is just dandy.... but I can't pay my bills with that!
  2. RockyRogue

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    You'll get a raise, Ovid. It just won't be a $1/hr. It'll be $.50/hr and will occur on your yearly anniversary date.

    If you're having a hard time making your bills, don't give UPS a second thought. There are MANY positions out there that will pay you well AND give you the "ego gratification" UPS does. I work for a restaurant where I get praised left and right, told "much love, man" by management and my personal favorite: "You're the best worker in the building!" I told my boss, "Ego gratification is nice but how about showing that 'love' with a solid pay raise?" My boss refuses. He offered a $.25/hr raise and I said OK. He wants a time committment but I steadfastly refuse to give it to him without that solid pay raise and a few other things. I named a figure for the raise and got, "WHAAAT??! I can't pay you that!" I shrugged and walked away. He didn't get his time committment and will probably be getting my notice before the end of July. -Rocky
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    I don't know enough of your personal situation to offer advice. But I tell people this all the time, quit if you want to, but don't quit until you have something better to go to. Best of luck to you.
  4. spun

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    We made $13.00 plus an hour preloading part time in 1979!
  5. Muttley45

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    How can that be? That's unbelievable. Did you have medical/pension/college tuition credit? Today's hourly rate for p/t's is pretty pitiful, but the benef's try to make up for it. Has the union been good over the yrs for the p/t's? Do you think the new contract will see an improvement for p/t's?
  6. GuyinBrown

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    One thing to keep in mind is the "total package". There is no denying that the part time wage sucks for the amount of work you're required to do. The starting hourly wage has only gone up $.50 since I started there almost 20 years ago. $8 an hour in the late 80's wage a great starting wage. $8.50 an hour in 2007 is barely more than the fry guy at McDonalds.

    However, when you're looking for a new job you need to keep in mind that total package that you have available to you as a part time UPS employee....

    Full benefits for you and your family
    Tuition Reimbursement
    Paid Vacations
    Paid Holidays
    etc, etc

    I'm no "company man" trying to sing the praises of UPS, but a lot of people look only at the hourly wage when they're comparing part time jobs. Don't sell yourself short for an extra dollar an hour when you're looking for a new job and make sure you're really comparing "apples to apples".
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    GuyinBrown, I agree with you about benefits. Where can I find info on how pension works for p/t's. BTW, I don't see the 401k as any great advantage since there's no match. Do you see the wage and/or benefits getting better for p/t's with the new contract? Has the union been a good thing over the years for p/t's or are we forgotten? Thanks
  8. RozUPS

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    If you had to pay for the type of health benefits that you get or will get from UPS, it would cost you nearly a grand a month. I pay $590 a month with higher co pays and not as good of coverage. It's not money you can take to the bank but one trip to the ER and you'll see how much of a benefit it is.. For me though in a few months it will be money in the bank:)
  9. GuyinBrown

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    Has the union been good to the part timers? That probably depends on personal experience. For every person that says "yes" there will be one that feels like they were treated as an after thought. I'd say that without the union you'd likely be without the additional benefits, and you'd certainly have less job security. Keep in mind that UPS didn't give you any of the benefits you have out of the goodness of their heart. It's likely that the longer you're with UPS the more you'll get out of the union. There is a high p/t turn over rate at UPS, those that only plan to be around for a couple years probably don't feel as though they get as much in return.

    The new contract? Anybody's guess. It's nothing but rumors until you see something in writing. As for the pension, check with your steward. I think it may be different in different parts of the country....
  10. actually rocky he'll get the contract raises as well (once the new one is signed) which are better than the 50 cents a year we get right now if you're in progression (meaning you were hired between contracts). It sucks but thats just the way the contract does it.

    To the original poster, around here UPS proclaims they wish they could pay us more as our minimum wage is only 50 cents less than UPS starts us which creates a big problem in finding employees. However, they apparently don't know or are ignoring that in the contract it says current rate shall be a minimum, which means they could pay us $30/hr (no I'm not suggesting that) if they wanted to.
  11. Penguin

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    Wait till the new contract kicks in before you do anything. Union guys in my hub keep saying that it might bring us up to 11-12 bucks an hour or give us a two dollar an hour raise. :thumbup1:
  12. RockyRogue

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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA:lol::lol::lol:. What will UPS demand in return for that $11-12/hr figure??? Dropping the pt'er health insurance? This wage possibility isn't altogether unbelievable but I'd like to see something more substantial before I buy into it. -Rocky
  13. over9five

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    "Has the union been a good thing over the years for p/t's or are we forgotten?"

    P/Ts outnumber F/Ts bigtime at UPS. The part-timers could run the Union, demand and get everything they wanted, but.....

    ....they don't get involved in the Union, so Yes, they are forgotten. Their apathy is their downfall.
  14. Brownnblue

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    You get praise? Really?
  15. Channahon

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    The fact that you have been with UPS for a year is commendable for a part timer. Only you can make the decision as to what is right for you.

    If you like working at UPS, you may want to stay and see what the next contract will bring for part timers.

    If you fell you have good people and leadership skills, a part time supervisor position may be something you might want to explore.

    It sounds like you have a good relationship with your management team, you may want to approach them with your concern. They may be aware of some other positions that may bring you more hours or more money based on your seniority in the center.
  16. tieguy

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    the decision should never be about what you are making today in an entry level job. It should be about what career path you want to take. If you want to be a package car driver making 28 an hour or more then ups can provide you with that.

    I recieved the same advice from dad and friends when I had a part time job. thank god I didn't listen to them. :thumbup1:
  17. rod

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    I also did a double take when I read that part about everyone praising him. "Praise" and UPS just don't go together. One of the few times in 30 years I was told I was doing a great job was followed the next day by an audit at the gas pumps and the question "when was the last time you were told you were doing a good job?". Go figure!
  18. 705red

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    Ups claims they wish they could pay p-timers more per hour? Has anyone from the company even called the teamsters and made an offer? I dont see hall of=r even jim hoffa refusing a request like that, so please dont believe everything. If ups does not raise the starting pay for p-timers we will all be screwed over the long fun. Its been to long for these poor p-timers and we the fulltimers must voice for it even if it cuts into us a little. I know most of us were p-time and dealt with the pay, but when will we say enough is enough and take care of these kids, so we can stop crying about bad loads, p-timers not coming to work,etc.
  19. HazMatMan

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    Why doesn't your dad help you find a better job, maybe one where you could make as much as he did 25 years ago... I feel I am severely under paid also!!
  20. trickpony1

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    Be very careful what you wish for.
    The company knows the PT'ers outnumber the FT'ers. All the company has to do is offer a 2-3 dollar/hr raise, a $500 (beer money) signing bonus and pump these kids full of pizza and soda pop and they (PT'ers) will carry the contract.
    The company can then put language in that will screw the FT'ers royally and the contract will still pass because the PT'ers could care less because they aren't going to be around that long and their pocket is full of beer money.
    I am in favor of a separate contract for PT'ers but we all know that's not gonna happen.