This is bad for our reputation as drivers.

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    I don't think it's really bad for us because I don't think people make that kind of connection. Most killers do something for a living, and their crimes rarely reflect badly on whatever their profession was. It's just coincidence.
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    He used his "area knowledge" to help him commit the crimes.
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    This is another good reason for telematics.
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    Fixed that for ya.
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    +100 Im in the NRA so I'm with ya
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    My 81 year old father , Korean War vet , was asleep at 4 am earlier this year at home with my mother when their house was broken into by two armed men wearing ski masks who had cut the phone lines.

    My father met them in the kitchen with his own pistol. They fought with him while my mother escaped to get help. They couldn't get dad down but they did make him drop his pistol, he got into the hallway and grabbed a shotgun from above the doorway

    The two men took off and dad shot them both as they crossed the yard. They were captured later that day and the pellets in them were the best evidence you could get. They pled guilty and were sentenced to 12 years last month.

    Moral of this story... don't break into the home of an NRA member who at 81 years old can still kick your ass.
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    How well could he have known the exact area if he was a part time driver.
  9. It must be confusing for him talking to a lawyer that presumes he is innocent because he's a UPSer where you are guilty until proven innocent. Oh and if he's a driver, that's even better yet, you are always guilty.
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    Jeffrey Dahmer worked at a chocolate factory... people still eat chocolate.
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    I'm not surprised. Management can do heartless things without blinking an eye. They don't care about if we drop dead. It's about the bonus
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    And Jeffrey Dahmer ate the people who ate the chocolate.

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    Look on the bright side. Now you never have to buy another Halloween costume. You wear it every day. (Ok. that one was a little tasteless.)
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    Great story give my regards to your folks. Lucky some liberal judge didnt let them go because they got shot outside the house.:angry:
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    I felt bad after I posted this because I didn't want to hijack the thread. It is tragic that this guy has destroyed so many innocent families.

    I am just really proud of my folks. My family owns a farm and my parent's house sits about a quarter mile north of mine and my sister's house is a couple hundred yards north of mom and dads. My mom, 76 years old, ran through the snow to my sisters.

    The first call my brother in law made was to me. We got to dad long before the police arrived loaded for bear but dad already had the situation under control.

    As far as the judge , I dated his sister for a year in college. I knew every officer that showed up that morning , city police, sheriffs dept, and the State Police on a first name basis. They couldn't have looked me in the eye and questioned dad shooting them.

    For all he knew they were going to chase mom down and kill her in the snow.
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    It does seem rather cowardly to shoot people in the back as they are escaping.
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    no it's not. kill or be killed ! They were armed and they broke in.....big risk and they lost.
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    I can't seem to find where it says they were shot in the back. Can you?
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    I think it's cowardly to try and rob senior citizens myself.
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    I didn't really think there were actually people like you.

    People who believe that 28 yr old armed men can break in the house of innocent elderly people in the middle of the night and then cry when they are shot.

    You can't even imagine how I wish someone would say that to me in person.

    There are three houses on our farm. They were dropped off at my parents house and had two choices.

    Run toward my sister's house after my mom or run toward my house where my two daughters and my wife and I were sleeping. My father chased them out into the yard to stop them from doing either.

    What's your story blue efficacy.. I really would love to know how someone gets to a point in their life where they have that viewpoint.