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    Everywhere is different and a extended center is probably really different. Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to say that PT was voting more then FT. I'm saying that everyone is blaming PT for the bad turn out and I don't agree with it.

    Let's look at my building and like I said everywhere is different. We have many many PT workers that have more years then most full time drivers in other areas. It takes 11 years to go FT here. You think those PT workers don't see how they are getting screwed with 22.4s or how lower PT are getting huge bumps in pay?

    Now think about 25 year and up drivers. You think they really care about 22.4 drivers? In my building and even on here. Most cared about the pension and healthcare. They could careless about the rest because they have the seniority and are on their way out.

    I spent a lot of personal time passing out info at 3 different buildings. More high seniority members didn't even know what was going on than PT members did. Again that's my experience and I'm just saying I believe FT beat out PT with vote count but I don't think it's nearly as high as some people think it is.
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    If pointing out the realities of (UPS) Teamster life is disrespectful.... I'm guilty.

    But, did it ever occur to you.... that I just might be trying to motivate the troops

    by guilting them into participation ? It's sad, that I feel the need to do that.

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    Shocking that you want....other people to pay for things for you. No cigarettes, no vaping, and no....tattoos. Sorry....Big Union Man. Lol.
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    You got hired off the street.... right ?

    Didn't work your way up from PT, to Pkg, to Feeder.

    You guys are all the same.
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    You are "striking" out....big time Big Union Man. Lol.
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    It's too bad that "elected officials " hate the people that paid their way. Slobs.
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    You have been a company kiss-ass your whole career ?
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    Keep trying....Big Union Tough Talker. And don't break your arm...patting yourself on the back. Lol. (Probably hard to...reach).
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    You have a very "high" opinion of yourself.

    What's stopped you from running for Local Union Office ?
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    I have not experienced this attitude from the Union Officials that I have worked with.

    I have experienced much apathy from the rank and file though.

    It’s a shame.
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    I think it's fine, the gravy train won't last forever and it's only expedited by those same officials
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    What is the "gravy train" ?
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    "why'd you corporate weasels sell us out like that???":Ddenis_taylor_ups-038.jpg
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    Nice pony tail

    He looks old enough to know better
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    But if you motivate the troops, you may have had enough participation in the contract voting to make a difference.
    But alas, everyone wants everything handed to them. If one isn’t self motivated to do something like vote , you get what you get.
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    He looks absolutely ridiculous, but he’s such a cooooool rebel
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    You should delete that picture. Poor guy is embarrassing himself and probably doesn’t even know it.
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    Who asked you (lacking) integrity who asks union members to be responsible for issues that you refuse to do yourself? Btw, my cape is functional. Yours is from the picture window in your house trailer?
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    That is one ugly lookin woman.