Time to clean house

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by rudy5150, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    Pretty sure that it is YOU....that thinks so highly of yourself. Now if you hurry, there is a good chance that....you'll squeeze in a breakfast buffet. Lol.
  2. Integrity

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    It is my opinion, you are entitled to yours as I am mine.

    I have answered nothing when the answer is nothing however over the many years I have done many things.

    I currently stress solidarity and unity in the work group but have been unsuccessful in achieving much of either.

    I have done many things over the years to attempt to improve working conditions and to try and make UPS an overall better place to work.

    I have had some successes and some failures.
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    When you beat the competition in every election 4/1....

    And when the "do nothing loudmouths" stop running against you,

    it just bolsters your confidence of knowing you are doing the right thing.

    It's kind of sad, that's your impression of every Union official.

    That's like saying, all feeder drivers that don't smoke are fat.

    If that's all you got.... keep going with it.

    What (if any) advice have you ever given to anyone on this board ?

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    What "things" have you done? Mentor some of us on here. The rub I have is people asking things of us that they wont do themselves and the blanket degrading comments from "others" on here about upsers. Unity and solidarity are membership issues subject to the honest, strong leadership. Let's not forget where that comes from and what happens when trust is broken at the top and now you post that you've given up trying. Leading by example?
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    @Integrity , I hope that you keep trying to bolster unity behind honest representation (if you're even hourly) and know that it's not in vane. It's everyone's issue.
  6. Integrity

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    What things you interested in?
    If I can answer I will.

    I have not given up seeking unity and solidarity, I have just not been able to sense that my work group has achieved much of this.

    They are very self absorbed and not wanting to get involved much past complaining about how things are.
  7. Integrity

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    I will not give up.
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    Kind of like your impression of the people that paid your way- if you actually ever were some big deal "elected official". Didn't realize one is required to give out advice. Ever stop to think that people don't care for....your advice? But I have advised people to contact you because....you know everything. And are never wrong. Lol.
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    Your postings are not adding up.
    It's an eternal circle of words. I am. I am not. So situational.
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    I work in Ontario, Ca for Local 63. Can someone tell me why UPS has a giant logistics operation in Mira Loma just a few miles down that is completely non-Union? What gives?
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    Certain situations I take action.

    Certain situations and circumstances I take none.

    Being specific as to what specific issue you are referring might help you, I don’t know.
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    My inbox, would beg to differ with you.


    There are 4 different forum members that know who I am.

    2 are moderators, a long time Steward (with BA capabilities) and a current BA,

    all from different Local's.... Slow your roll.

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    Or else what? Get over yourself. You aren't scaring anyone with your tough guy act. Now get back to running down dues paying members. Slow your roll- did you come up with that all on your own? Lol.
  15. Integrity

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    We need unity and solidarity.
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    See above top quote to get my rebuttal. Trying to sincerely help you keep up since you obviously missed it.
  17. Integrity

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    Don’t understand your point in this post sorry.

    Please clarify what exactly you are talking about.

    Please be specific as to your point.

    Thank You.
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  19. Integrity

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    Likely response.

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    It is time to clean house in all corrupt unions.

    The Teamster Criminal house of cards and the UAW criminal house of cards will come crashing down once these rats who are indicted start saving their own skin.

    Training center scandal now includes ex-UAW official connected to union's GM department https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/general-motors/2019/08/14/ex-uaw-official-training-center-probe/2012810001/

    I am certain some small to medium union guys who post on the BC are well aware of these types of improprieties in the Hoffa/Taylor/Red Vest crony nation and of the betrayal of the ups members.

    Numerous Red Vest Slapdicks may be trading their cute red vests for even cuter black and white stripes.
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