$ Tips for Preloaders at XMAS

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  1. Thebrowntruth

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    Was just curious...do drivers who have a really good preloader still give them a tip at XMAS? Was wondering what the going rate or gift is these days. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE save the comments like "whats a good preloader" and "why tip them for doing their job".
  2. EAM_Master

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    When I was a preloader my driver gave me $20 one year. But that was before PAS, when you really had to know something to be a good preloader.
  3. rushfan

    rushfan Well-Known Member

    I give her $20.00
  4. hoser

    hoser Industrial Slob

    I think tipping a pre-loader is stupid, tips are for a client-service provider relationship, not for co-workers.

    if you want to share your gratitude, buy them a bottle of wine, box of chocholates, gift card to starsucks or something. that way you're not crossing the line of tact and you can show your appreciation in classier manner.
  5. SmithBarney

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    When I was a preloader my driver gave me a 10$ food cert. And I was far from the "best" preloader at least thats what he always says.

    I have no one to tip, being a cover driver I'd have to tip every loader in the building... thats not happening.
  6. Thebrowntruth

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    I would agree a gift is always a little classier but in all honesty some of the preloaders trying to scrap by on their hourly rate REALLY REALLY appreciate the $ "gifts". Then again some of the complaints I have heard makes me think a few already are sampling the gifts of wine!!!! Either way I just thought back to those days and wondered if it was still common. Any recognition is great, espec from a co-worker
  7. hoser

    hoser Industrial Slob

    I say a card. Now that you bring that point up, offering cash could be seen as insulting. Gift card, maybe?
  8. Raw

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    I tip my preloader between $75 - $100 depending on the job he/she did all year! Makes for a better load the whole year through! :thumbup1:
  9. retired2000

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    do not forget your mechanic!! he can get you out of alot of problems.
  10. oldpaddy

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    When I was a pre-loader I received a high of $100 and a low of $0.
    Typically the tip was $30-40.
    This past spring I went out for my 30 days. I went to my preloader and gave him $50 and told him that I needed him to do the best he could for me. Shockingly he did a tremendous job for me. What was funny was that the guys around me complained about him a lot this past summer.
    One quick note, the summers here are like a 3 month peak.
    This xmas he'll get another $50.
    Remember you get what you pay for. I know I worked harder for guys that tipped me, and the guys that didn't tip me...
  11. hoser

    hoser Industrial Slob

    This is brutal! We're a team, we're supposed to do our job the best we can for the benefit of everyone. Just not those who 'tip' us. I would even construe these tips to be more like 'bribes'.
  12. oldpaddy

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    Call it what you want. Are you telling me that when a customer gives you a water/soda/etc you don't go the extra, extra mile for them?
  13. disneyworld

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    When I was a cover driver,I would throw some money in when 3 or 4 regular drivers gave the preloader a card. But only to the really good ones.
  14. hoser

    hoser Industrial Slob

    The employee-customer relationship is a lot different than the co-worker relationship. I go the extra mile for all of my clients, but I wouldn't mind releasing the odd standard package to them during my comitted stops.
  15. dragracer66

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    Yea....I second that!!!!!:thumbup1:
  16. 8Years2Go

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    Back before PAS, our set (3 Drivers) would chip in with a card and $200.00 between the three of us. He was great and appriciated it and It showed in his load quality. But since PAS, I give $0.00. We don't have one loader long enough, we've had 4 differant loaders in the past 3 months, with each one being worse then the one before.

    If I have one jumper through peak, I'll usually tip him about $50.00 and some free lunches.

    You have to remember! Before PAS you basically had the same preloader until he qualified to drive. AAAH! The good old days!
  17. oldpaddy

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    I first started as a seasonal, I promptly crashed and burned on the road.
    Then I switched over to preload. I figured preload must've been easy since it was **** pay. It wasn't. I worked hard for very little, for a long time.
    Many preloaders get bitter toward drivers because they work hard for very little. When drivers are bringing in $27/hr and loaders are barely scraping by at $10/hr (if you're lucky you get 20 hours a week) it can become very difficult to understand that "we" all are working together for the greater good.
    IMHO if you throw your preloader a bone of prime rib now and again, your life may become a lot easier.

    What do you mean about the "standard package"? Do you mean dropping off ground when you del an air? If so, why wouldn't always del ground when you have airs at the same stop?
  18. EAM_Master

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    Agreed!!! I'm just a part timer. Before PAS I used to take a lot of pride in being a good preloader. When my drivers told me I was doing a good job it felt great. I went almost an entire year with no misloads or air in load. After PAS came in I almost quit because I was so frustrated. I had all kinds of misloads, and had no clue as to what I was loading. I didn't take any pride in what I was doing anymore. Morale suffered all around the building.

    I wouldn't expect anything anymore. A driver;s day is still somewhat impacted by their preloader, but not nearly as much so.
  19. diadlover

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    Back in '03 I had this jerk driver come up to me and ask if I wanted a tip for doing such a fine job. I said "sure, if you want but it isn't necessary". This guy says, "Oh, it' no problem. Here is your tip: Don't wear your socks out in the rain." He laughed to himself and walked off. So the next day I took my gallon of water and poured the whole thing all over his seat and soaked it all the way through. He had some words for me the next day but I just denied knowing what he was talking about so I wouldn't get myself in trouble. So I guess the moral to learn here is don't be a dick to your preloader. They can make your life hell if they want.
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  20. aspenleaf

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    diadlover ~ wonderful thought! I am thankful I have great drivers. I don't expect any tips for doing my job. A card would be nice but not expected; everyone is very busy. My drivers do thank me and I have never had the need to water a seat. Some one I worked with said that she loaded the truck backwards after being treated like crap. He was nice to her after that day.
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