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    Hi, I started back in Mid-November as a golf cart driver helper. I didn't know much about UPS other than what I've heard over the great vine. Hard workers, good money and benefits...

    I took the job as I was between another job and needed some extra cash. As stupid as it sounds for the first week, the job was mildly frustrating trying to learn the route and diode board. I was trained but by a rookie driver and very little. Just basic safety things and that was all. I was on my own. Being the first time I've done anything like it, it was different to me and like I said frustrating. But about a week and a half passes and I'm beginning to really like it. Made great connections with customers, through either good or bad things happening. (I had a package that was completely destroyed by preload, I sat with the customer as they called amazon to sort out the issue because they seemed unknoledged on how to deal with a situation. Eventually got them squared away.) Then I met very nice folks who would stop me to say hello and ask about the golfcart and all. Some even would give me food throughout the holiday season nights as I started working later and later.

    Overall I fell in love with how kind and appreciative everyone was. I loved the pace, the rush was a great workout and being on my own like that defiantly made me happy as well. I defiantly had hell break loose a few times to where the center manager came to help me out late at night with my driver because they had given me almost 230 stops which doesn't sound like a lot to you guys but I was new and without a lot of training. I had to figure it out on my own.

    I ended up making connections with every employee I could and establishing a good relationship with each one. I also am very good friends with someone who's dad was the big district manager or something of that nature for Savannah a few years ago. (Now retired) I ended up asking my center manager for a position with the company because I'm young, I haven't been able to decide what I wanted to do and all. Too many options and all. But UPS seemed like a good fit. Turns out I got hired as a package handler loading the feeder trucks at night 5-10. I like it so far. It's fast paced and stranious but I'm pulling though. I like a good challenge.

    I have come to the conclusion that I defiantly wanna start working my way up the company. Defiantly starting with where I am now. Is there any tips/advice that some of you guys could offer me to make me more suscessful. Also explain how the company works on the level I haven't been able to see yet. Should I start college? (I'm fresh out of high school, with a good GPA but took a year off from school.) or should I try to find a way to make more connections and invest more of myself into the company? Thanks guys.
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    First tip is to use paragraphs.
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    Second, change picture and username
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    You aren't going to get any helpful information at this time of night around here. Try again when they have had a chance to sober up.
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    If you are hired back on, sadly, don't try to hard. Work safely. :censored2: TCD in the sense that if you can go full-time go full-time
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    I wish @cheryl would block any and all adaptations of the ups logo as avatars. 10 people with the same avatar is annoying.
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    management will eat your soul....
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    The search function is your next new friend .
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    Can you imagine how grumpy you're going to be when you turn 60?
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    Don't deliver damaged packages, they are missed. They shouldn't be stacking your truck full if they don't want missed packages due to being crushed.
    Also wtf 230 stops is more stops than I do in 2 days.
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    Trust me, nothing you say is going to sound stupid. *(I'm putting this in parenthesis so no one else will see what I'm writing to you)* Just between me and you, I've highlighted a few things you might want to pay attention to next time you post.

    It's unknowledgeable or knowledgeable.

    The computer we use is a DIAD

    It's definitely.
    Defiantly is obvious resistance. big deal, just trying to help a brother out.

    Grape vine. C'mon!

    Good question, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea but who really needs more hassles in life like that?
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    He's worse than a room full of women on the rag.
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    Considering your spelling, no.
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    Go to college and become a dr so you can give ups drivers a diagnosis on the parts of their body's they have wore out. Do some research son !!
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    If you work @Indecisi0n 's hub watch your ass if you bend over in the locker room.
  17. It's all about seniority
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    It'll be epic
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    ... if you live that long.
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    Yep. On a golf cart...