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  1. nhguy

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    Just looking for others thoughts on the survey. It's my feeling that in the end we will ultimately get less. The choices they mentioned for health care, MIP, X-MAS bonus, proposed changes to yearly raises, pension changes etc....

    I found the survey to be poorly done, the method they chose to make your selections were confusing and didn't necessarily let you you pick your wishes.

    I really wish they would be honest and layout the choices and then let us tell them what we want. This survey is nothing more than an avenue to spin what they have already decided and to twist it to say, this is what you told us you wanted.

    I can assure you that in the end, just as the RSU was a "Good Deal for us" none of this will be good either!!

    Your thoughts please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:w00t:
  2. nforcr

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    I haven't seen the survey yet, but just reading the FAQ it was easy to see what they weren't saying was more important than what they were saying.
    You're right though, it is going to mean less for us. Reduction in MIP, pension and an increase in benefits.
    I would bet that they have already made the decisions regarding the Total Rewards and the survey is put out there so the can say, 'We did what YOU wanted!'

    Dollars to Donuts though that it will work out AGAIN that the 'Haves' will get more while the 'Have-nots' will get shafted....

  3. brownblood

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    I agree with you gentlemen. This is a Spin Doctor move...and we're getting spun...
  4. was brown

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    I did not see an option for a management union!
  5. hangin455

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    It says as you go along it'll tailor the next questions based on your previous answers and just slide the one you want. When I tried to move one choice the others moved with it too. I went back and answered the previous questions differently and it still did the same thing. It gives a bunch of choices I don't want and one of the answers is never "none of the above".
    We are definitely being sold a bill of goods. When some benefit (wage, MIP, health) is reduced they'll say "well this is what you said you wanted in the survey". The stated motivation is to reward us fairly but this just smells like another cutting of cost at the expense of those that have no union representation.
  6. DS

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    Dollars to donuts indeed,sounds like my pension
    lets mutiny!
  7. AirTechSpec

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    Some parts were totally incomprehensible. For example, it asked me to give my preference of a ($6k 1-time bonus + $0 for financial advice) against a ($9k 1-time bonus + $8/month for financial advice). WTF is that about?

    1) They didn't explain what the 1-time bonus was going to cost us.
    2) If we're basing our compensation on an $8/month item I think things are totally whacked.

    Ultimately if it doesn't work out they can blame Hewitt or Towers Perrin. Modern US management is responsibility-averse, and will do anything to avoid blame.
  8. brainwashed

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    The rumor mill is the retirement will be paid out with your years of service. The rumor is this will happen by end of year. Anyone else hear this rumor?
  9. jehardrock

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    I took the survey yesterday....then found out that someone posted the link on the internet and it is not secure to UPSers only. Anyperson anywhere could take the survey. They will have to delete everything and start over once they secure the site. The problem I have with the survey is that you can choose your most favorable scenario, but you don't know the consequences of your choices.
  10. beentheredonethat

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    Sounds like another "enhancement" for management. I hate it when we get an "enhanced" benefit. Let's see if I can recall most of our enhancements. Please feel free to add onto this.

    1. Vacation - Quite a few years ago when I started, we earned vacations for the next years vacation. Now, we are earning them as we go, so if someone leaves, they get "enhanced" out of vacations they earned. (Note: there was never any payoff of our accrued vacation days.)

    2. RSU's - Thanks, I can't invest my money that I earned, and if I leave I lose the RSU's.

    3. MIP - Thanks Mike for the 1.6 last year on record profits.

    4. Medical for retirement - Already quite a few years ago, they recalculated how retirement benefits work. As usual, it's screwing the newer mgmt.

    5. Current benefits. - I pay out almost 300/month for flex benefits, and I have to pay quite a bit into HCSA to pay for my out of pocket costs.

    6. With this survey, we know we are going to get another "enhancement". At least have the decency to tell us they are screwing us over. We all know it.

    When I started with UPS, FT mgmt pay was extremely good vs other companies. Now, it's not that great. Espescially, when you look at what they want out of us for work. I don't mind working long hours. But, there used to be good rewards.

    Can you guys think of more enhancments we've had.
  11. Brown Devil

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    .......Another Enhancement is that when a management person retires, the years spent as a Teamster is deducted from that persons overall time meaning reduced pension dollars....The retiree has to go to the Teamsters at age 64 & get the Teamster pension..........This enhancement is fairly new.........No wonder that the only people going into management are the young ones and the ones fresh out of college......I couldnt afford the pay cut .....
  12. Air Guy

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    Don't forget we use to have one year of wage continuation. Now it is six months and administered by an outside agency.

    I have 17 years with the company and use to bleed brown. I never considered leaving the company, in fact I completed my MBA to move up the ladder and make the company better. Now I may have to take my experience and move on. It pains me to say that, but the company got rid of the term partner a long time ago. Sad to see, but that's where we are.
  13. jasar13

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    Don't forget we use to have one year of wage continuation. Now it is six months and administered by an outside agency.

    Air Guy can you explain this? What is a wage continuation?
  14. dumbsup

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    Agree with Air Guy.

    My other supervisor friend just left UPS after 13 years. He got a mgt position with another trasnportation company, not Fedex or DHL. He was given a $8000 sign on bonus, $105,000 annual salary and 10% of his salary min. as a year end bonus. The topper, he is working alot less than at UPS and anything he needs to do his job smarter, he is given...
  15. dumbsup

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    In the NE part of the country..
  16. hangin455

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    The "anonymous survey" now requires that you log in at work thru using your ID. Now you've got my IP and ID - how anonymous can this be?
  17. local804

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    Fedex ground a few years back were offering a few mgmt people at UPS the 10% and a sign on bonus. They did this when they started to expand in our neck of the woods.
  18. 20yearvet

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    I agree. Nothing that has changed over the last 15 years has helped anyone except long term managers and above. I have experienced the changed in benefits, thrift plan and pension. I have often wondered what life is like on the 'out side', but to be honest I need the virtually guarnteed salary and benefits to provide for my kids. I have kind of explored the outside and found that internal training from UPS in what makes me as good or better than any director or VP at customer sites may not be enough to allow me to move on. Degree in an unrelated field doesn't do alot for moving on. Sorry to vent, but I am extremely frustrated with the direction we are going but have the 'golden handcuffs' on at the moment.
  19. Bamboozled

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    I just took the Total Unrewarding Survey. It asks you if you want a $9000. Salary Adjustment, but it doesnt tell you what its for or what it is in lieu of. It is in the Health Care section so it appears to be in lieu of Health Care. These people who came up with this survey must think we are a bunch of idiots who can be easily misled and manipulated. We need to complain to HR about the ambiguity of these questions and demand it to be done correctly. We then need to ban our voting shares and vote these Board of Directors out. I will not be manipulated or have my intelligence insulted. These people do nothing but vote themselves more money while they cut our basic needs.
  20. It doesn't tell you whether it's a positive adjustment or a negative adjustment either. ;)