Truck-train accident


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Truck-train accident - Mesabi Daily News

A tow truck operator uses the trucks winch to haul the remains of a UPS delivery truck off the tracks in Cook Thursday afternoon.


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from reading all of the posts from the on-line section, it reads like thats a crossing that has a poor history with cross traffic. RIP Jim, you're going to be sorely missed.:angel:

Lets take this opportunity, and think about places on our daily routes where something of this nature could to happen to us; or someone we love; who travels 'cross one of these POORLY marked RxR crossings...

Does anyone kno what a croosing gate costs??? Perhaps a human life.
Case in point... This last week, in Carrolton Ky, a family of five was laid to rest after they ran off the road around a sharp curve into a creek bed. They were last seen leavin' after Christmas, and went missing for three weeks. Now, the KY Transportation Cabinet is putting up concrete barriers to keep it from happening again.

The need to 'arrive alive' in this line of work is difficult. Xtra hugs and kisses for the family... you never kno when the good Lord is gonna pull your number out of the hat.


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This was a horrible day for all UPSers, especially MN UPSers. This is the first death in our district. My prayers and thoughts go out to Jim's family and all of his coworkers in the Virginia Center.


Unfortunately, this was not the first fatality in our district. A Mn UPSer was killed by a drunk driver several years ago in southern Mn.

I participated in the district-wide safety conference call Friday morning. There are so many things going through my mind.... expect the unexpected; look left, right, left; get the big picture. What happened that those things were not going on leading up to the crash???

2 years ago, a Liberty Mutual guy said at a PCM, something to the effect, "with all the crashes you guys (in the Mn district) are in, this district is overdue for a fatality." While we have made alot of progress in those 2 years (the Mn district went from one of the highest accident rates to one of the lowest), you can bet that we will be spending ALOT of time reviewing intersection safety.

I am beyond words with grief for the family. I cannot imagine having to be one of the UPSers that had to notify them. I also cannot imagine how hard it would have been to be working in the Virginia center Thursday evening and going in on Friday morning.

It is also horribly depressing t be on the safety committee, give a PCM concerning details about a fatal accident and have fellow drivers berate us for asking/pleading with them to work safe.

I am getting pretty friend* sick of being on the safety committee.



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hey barnyard....
in your hub does any one member of management conduct the safety meetings? Or is it entirely ministered by 'fellow browns'.
just curios..



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Safety meetings....

I was appointed non management cochair this past fall and am waiting to go to cochair 'school.' I went to the 'school' 8 years ago and remember the drill, so I conduct the meetings.

It's pretty easy, actually. There is a monthly form that Ketter wants filled out, if you follow that form, a monthly meeting usually takes less than 30 minutes. this time of year, meetings can take a little longer and we might schedule 2 a month, as we have to review last year's stats and develop a plan for this year.

I was talking about safety, breaks and accidents with my mailman the other day. He said that at the PO, if there is an accident and the employee did not take their break between the hours stipulated in their contract, they are automatically 'at fault' and receive a warning letter.

One of the things that frustrate me, is promoting safety and having coworkers say, "How am I supposed to work safe, with an 11 hour planned day, air commits and then getting back to the building to make the air shuttle."

My reply is always, "Take your lunch break, call the center or send a message on the diad. Let the OMS worry about getting you an air meet and even help you with additional work."

It does not take too many days of air meets for them to get the message that you are taking your break when the contract mandates.

I should also add that recently, our center manager has started handing out warning letters to employees that skip breaks or do not take their entire break.



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When I first saw this news piece I hoped to read at some point that the vehicle was a roll away or broke down on the tracks meaning no one inside. But then my heart sank as I read otherwise.

Barnyard, your words about grief for the family are very true but it brought back feelings about a fatality within our own district. We had a feeder breakdown on the side of the interstate and an auto mechanic working up under it when another truck driver fell asleep and crashed into the back of our feeder (Feeder was off the shoulder) killing the mechanic. Word quickly spread of the accident and a feeder buddy of mine who knew the mechanic was leaving work. He lived a couple of miles from the mechanic and his route home went right by his house.

It was around 2 am or so and the house was dark and completely silent with all inside sleeping and my buddy just pulled over and prayed for this family knowing shortly they would be woken from a peaceful night of sleep into a raging horror. Even though I don't drive package or feeder I still to this day tell ever driver I talk with as we end our conversation, "you be safe out there!" It is a habit IMO we should all practice for one another.


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One of the best things about the route I am working right now is that the 5th or 6th stop of the day is a convent. Every day, I hear, "God bless you and go safely through your day."

I am not the most religious person on the planet, but that is a great way to start the day.

Tom B