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    I need some information regarding TRW, displacement, benefits (insurance) etc. My manager does not seem to have any answers for me and I am having trouble getting in touch with my HCMP contact. I am a part time Express employee and was recently out on a medical leave of absence and have returned to work on TRW. I am currently passed the 90 days when I first went out on medical leave of absence and I understand that it would now be possible for me to become displaced. If I am displaced, do I lose my benefits (insurance) or could I continue to pay the premium and keep my health insurance? I am not sure when my Doctor will release me to full duty, but it is looking like it might be a few more months before I am released to full duty, and I am just guessing at that time frame. Any information (or guidance) will be greatly appreciated.
  2. All benefits are still in place while you are on TRW. To keep running your medical/dental/vision past 90 days, you will be able to sent a payment the amount that is usually deducted from your pre-tax section to Memphis. If you are displaced, you will have to check JCATS weekly for a new posting to bid on. Call your HCMP hourly until you get answer, persistence is a must when dealing with them.
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    TRW is seldom even offered these days. Consider yourself lucky to even get it. Now you are on a list somewhere in Memphis informing them you have dared to get injured and/or sick. Consider yourself painted prison jumpsuit orange with a bulls eye on the back from this point forward.
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    That's what I would do. That person is not doing their job. I'd start calling HR too.