Two UPSers Lose Their Lives At Ontario Air Hub

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by SoCalUPS, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. Integrity

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    Do you work there?
  2. Dogmomtoupser

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    SMH i cant even believe the pic was posted.. how sad for their families.
  3. Integrity

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    Let us hope we can all learn from this.

    I believe one never knows or expects to be the one killed on the job at UPS.

    Incidents like this truly demonstrate that UPS safety training and methods must be adhered 100% of the time, UPS management should never violate safety training for any reason ever.

    And they most certainly must enforce all safety training and methods 100 % using progressive discipline to get rid of those not willing to take safety seriously.

    Simple fact: Employees sometimes die while working for UPS. No telling who will be next but someone will be next.

    Everyone should do what they can to minimize and lessen these type of occurrences. IMO Management employees have a higher level of responsibility with regards to the safety of their workplace.

    All companies should get away from a blame the worker safety culture.
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    you are not a pokemon
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    I've been a safety supervisor for 19 yrs , seen alll.accidents and what not, this may have been avoided, it is an issue management already known of, it probably has been done before, and the TRAINER should've been aware of this, I'm sure a seniority employee was skipped for this position. Typical ups, check the training rosters and binders as ups is known to "fix" these items durring investigations, again, I seen this done and had been asked by uppermanagent to "Sign" missing signatures, sure ya can deny it, but I lived it... wish osha knew what I know..
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    Wish I was,, I'd be snorlax......zzzzzzzz
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    you tired
  9. Integrity

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    Why don’t they know what you know? Seems you have grounds for a formal complaint.
  10. Integrity

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    You have been a UPS Safety Supervisor for 19 years? If so, FT or PT?
  11. MattM

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    Convertible tugs are 80:20 at my building. And our covered tugs aren’t exactly crush proof. I’d have to look next time but I don’t believe I see roll cages. These things barely keep out water.

    Governors are the only thing consistent with these things. But speeds of even 15mph have always felt sketchy.

    I hope this opens up some dialogue with safety officials. Would a covered tug be more prone to just sliding on its side? If you guys didn’t know, the design of these have the front wheels being quite a bit smaller than the back wheels.

    Our power steering barely works so even attempting something like this is a stretch for many tugs. But open tugs alone have always felt like a big safety issue.

    We had a new guy almost get sucked into an engine a few years ago. He failed to either hear our warning to get back, or he just didn’t care.
    Some of our feeder planes have open propellers. Some are less cautious than they should be.

    over the years we’ve seen some tugs almost jack knife their whole train of 4 full dollies. But nothing that came close to a flipping of a vehicle. Being smashed between two ulds top deck seems more likely than this situation that happened here.

    Crazy and sad. There is no doubt UPS is being cheap about some safety things. Roll cages seem like a standard measure. Do they still make cars that are strictly convertible now?

    I guess what I’m trying to say is. There is only so much supervisors can do. Mistakes and lapses can happen.
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  12. Dogmomtoupser

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  13. rod

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    There is a BIG difference between trying to "wheelie" and "spinning donuts".
  14. PT Car Washer

    PT Car Washer Well-Known Member

    I would imagine neither activity would be acceptable from a safety viewpoint.
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  15. rod

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    I'm sure neither would be but trying to spin donuts has to be the more dangerous of the 2. You could probably try to pop a wheelie all night long without anything happening.
  16. olroadbeech

    olroadbeech Happy Verified UPSer

    accidents happen when people goof off sometimes. roll bars and seatbelts now.
  17. Indecisi0n

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    Like what?
  18. trickpony1

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    Like the difference between a horizontal axis and a vertical axis.

    Silly guy.
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  19. BrownJetMech

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    I registered here just to post to this thread.

    I had the dubious privilege of seeing this scene firsthand, before EMS and police arrived. There was nothing we could do to help. The large semi-circular skid mark made it obvious what happened. This was clearly a case of horseplay gone bad. This is why UPS has such strict driving rules. When employees routinely ignore them, this what happens.

    Working in aircraft maintenance, the driving habits of ramp personnel is a constant complaint of ours. From speeding, to cutting across traffic lanes, to driving through or parking dollies in ramp locations where an aircraft is being repaired. Several months ago I witnessed a ramp van cut off an Airbus taxiing in to parking. The pilot locked up all eight brakes and smoked the tires to avoid smashing the van flat with 300,000 lbs of airplane. That could have been ugly. I guess there hasn’t been enough incentive to work safely, but I have the feeling the loss of two young lives will change that. It’s unfortunate, but sometimes tragedy is the only motivator that works.

    RIP to the deceased and condolences to their families. Everyone here have a safe and happy Thanksgiving and work safely during peak.
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  20. UPSER1987

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    This post is complete bull:censored2:. Under supervised/over supervised...what do you want? Each of us are responsible for our own actions