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    What is up with this? At our small center about 80 percent of the drivers have signed up but we've been told we have to ask every day to work under 9.5. I've got family issues (2 special needs foster kids and a seriously ill partner) and I've asked not to work as late as I have been. We don't have a preload here and drivers load the trucks, so I've been very careful not to ask specifically to work under 9.5 because I knew they would just back me off the sort and load and keep me working just as late or even later. Well, I :censored2: off the center manager yesterday and she changed my start time from 8:30 to 10:00. She's claiming that I've asked to work under 9.5 and that's the only way she can do it. I'm on the under 9.5 list, but, like I said, so are 80 percent of us. What can I do? What are other centers doing?
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    "..she changed my start time from 8:30 to 10:00. She's claiming that I've asked to work under 9.5 and that's the only way she can do it."

    I would tell her I believe this is ethically wrong, and that I planned to call the hotline. See what she says then.
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    I thought if the start time of a route was changed by over an hour it had to be rebid? We are in the process of rebidding all routes in our center since our center manager said the contract requires bidding to be done in January, can you just take a route with an earlier start time?
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    Our preload goes from 8:30 to 10:45 or so. Drivers do the preload, what they did to me was have another driver (with less seniority) load the trucks I normally load from 8:30 to 10:00 and then have me finish loading them and then deliver my route. We don't have any routes that leave any earlier.
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    Not to bust your bubble but for me the hot line doesn't really work either..I have used it once before and I am sure you read my threads...

    I was fired the NEXT day after I called the HOT LINE! Believe it or not!

    I will give you an example: I had a couple customers that were unhappy with UPS.....They were very happy with me but certain things I could not help them with like getting next day airs there before 9am, ugly dirty looking packages they would get, ect to name of few ....

    I told them to call UPS Customer service to see if they could help.

    Guess who got the complaint in my file....You guessed it right I DID.................messed up!
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    Drivers loading their own trucks??
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    I load mine and two others. We have a very small center. Only one supervisor and one part time sup. Nearest other UPS center is 360 miles away. We dispatch 12 or 13 trucks a day. If the 9.5 list were honored (I know, I know...) we would be dispatching 14.
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    Hey Mike our center went through this years ago and the driver preload is considered preferred work and should go by senority
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    UPS does not care about your family problems, kids or home life. They expect YOU to care only about UPS.

    At least that's what they're pushing at my center.
  10. IWorkAsDirected

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    outamyway, I can't even imagine what you guys in Vegas go through have things gotten any better in the last year. One of our sups had to go work there for a week or so when things were such a mess. Something like thousands of pieces not even getting on cars everyday because for some reason UPS thinks Vegas is some little town? I still can't believe there is no hub between SLC and Calif. Vegas has needed one for years. And besides if there was one there our stuff could come from there and we could start before 10:45, for some stupid reason they won't even route our air through Vegas 100 miles away, instead it comes from SLC which is fogged in 70% of the winter and we have late air. Fedex and do it why can't ups?
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    I would just let them know start time is bidded to the highest senority person requesting the work. Your load time shouldnt change so if you opt-in to the 9.5 language they have to adjust your routes stop count so you dont go over. If they continue to work you over 9.5 then file a complaint thats why we pay our dues to the union so we have a voice. Use it!!!
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    It's pretty crazy here. We just got finished with the CES show. I'm glad I didn't go anywhere near that mess. We lost the encore account a while ago and we had absolutly no pickups there. Although I heard a rumor that we had an on call pickup that was missed. I don't doubt it.

    One problem we have is with our plane getting here with a 2 hour EAM window. Maybe that's normal at other places but it does make for some interesting days on the EAM run when the plane is late. Just this week we left at 7:50. The center manager says don't take anything we can't get on time. So we each took one or two stops each. Funny thing is we had over 300 packages that day. We left way more than we delivered.

    What I said is not far from the truth. We still have guys going out with 12 to 12.5 hour PLANNED days. They could care or less whether us air drivers have work but if a plane is late and they need us they don't care about our class or the kids at school.

    The center manager is a complete ass. I hope he really doesn't have to think about why he has 15-20 call ins on some days.
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    like everyone else says, its a seniority issue, and you get first bid on preload if you have it.The problem is you pissing off the center manager.They have a tendancy for ruthlessness and it seems this one is not gonna look at the 20 by 10 glossy photos .In such a small center they may have to hire a driver to start at say 3pm...and get you back in 9.5.
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    What exactly is 9.5? Is that working over 9.5 hours? When I was working as a helper, my driver would sometimes say "I guess I'm nine fiving today" if we were really heavy.
  15. trplnkl

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    That's correct.
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    IMO they(UPS) will/would rather pay the penalty of triple time and hound and harass the drivers that are overdispatched into working unsafely and driving unprofessionaly. You will be ridden with and scrutinized for every move you make...thats the bad side! On the other hand it gives you the chance to shine..by observing all posted speed limits (factoring the limits are maximum speeds in PERFECT conditions),using the methods that are spelled out in the FAMOUS 340, walking at a pace that is in line with your age and phyical condition, using your hand truck at every stop (within reason , don't want to use a breakdown magliner for a NDA Ltr LOL) ,taking a full lunch hour in the middle of the day (remember when it gets dark your SPORH will absolutly decrease). By doing those things y'all might be out until midnite ,but thats cool because you WILL notice a inprovement within a very short timeframe. Ask your Sup for a hard copy of the 340 methods he/she is required to comply....tell sup you dont have access to computer on your on time and you want the 340 methods to help you be successful as a Pkg driver Good Luck and Safety First ....BC (not Being Careless)
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    Alaskamike, Sorry to here about your family situation.Might contact your local Business Agent and inquire about the Family Medical Leave Act.Most are under the impression this is for an emergency or long term use,but in fact can be used as needed ,how ever you need it, one day a week,certain time you need off per day etc..We have a guy in our local that gets an 8 hour day everyday because he has to be home to take care of his elderly mom.Not sure if it has a time limit on it or what but may be worth your time to inquire.If you have a lower seniority driver starting earlier than you,it is time to address this with your steward or B.A.,sounds like it is a unique area and probably need to ask your B.A. and make sure something is not in your local rider or a previous panel decision that may superceed national contract language. In our local and center start times cannot be changed more than an hour +or-.Couple 9.5 issues to remember:Over 9.5 does not include your lunch, but does include your contractual 10 minute paid break.Example as figured with my locals hour lunch:Start 9:00 over 9.5 is 7:20. You can't be pulled off your bid route and stuck on another for company to keep you under 9.5.
    Over 9.5 3 days in any 5 workday period,example:you are over 9.5 say THursday and Friday of one week and Wednsday of the next week it is a violation.Doc
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    see sig vvvv
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    How are you getting triple time?
    Our manager refuses to post an opt in/out list. He says that he has to wait until "a regional meeting".
    We are working 12-14 hour days here. I left tonight at 9:30 and many drivers were still out. I ran into one at Walmart at !0:00 taking the last of his break.

    Our manager SEEMS to think that we are still under the old 9 1/2 hour rule and that he can blow us out of the water without the penalty under the new contract.

    I am open to advice! Wornout
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    File the o 9.5s with your steward, let the people paid to sort it out, sort it out.