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    Hello, im new to ups and this fourm. i have not started yet, but i will next week as a package handler p/t for the twilight shift. my question for you is do we have to pay union fee's, even during temporary layoff? sorry if this has been asked before, id ask HR but their currently closed lol and this is going to bug me. thank you
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    Simply contact your local, advise them you have been layed off, they will instruct you what to do at that point for your local.

    Really easy. You dont need any further advice than that.


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    You owe union dues (or an Agency Fee, if applicable) for any month that you worked in. If you will be laid off for an entire calendar month or more, you can get a Withdrawal Card and not have to pay dues for the month(s) you were not working.

    If you are relatively new and haven't finished paying all your Initiation Fee, you still owe that money, but the Local probably won't send you a seperate bill. They will probably wait until you are working again and then resume taking it out of your paycheck (assuming you signed up for dues checkoff.)
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    Make sure you find out how to inform the.union of tour layoff. I have seen pt workers laid off for months only to return to work and get a 10 dollar check their first week back because the union took out past due dues for the months they were laid off. It's crappy but they do it.
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    A Withdrawal Card can be made effective up to 90 days prior to the actual date of issue, so it's worth seeing if some of those back dues can be avoided, if they don't wait too long to act.
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    Thanks for the replies. So although I will be excused from temporary union dues during my layoff will I still be able to receive a pay raise every 6 months? Or would that only be if I paid my dues
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    You receive the contractual raises.
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    New Hires do not get raises every six months. See Contract Article 22, Section 5 (b).
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    If you start in October you may not make senioroity you are right on the cusp, and dues and initiation fee's may not apply until and if you get rehired in Janruary.My adviice if you like the job hustle, be on time and do your best and then they will bring you back 1/1/2013 and the clock starts all over again. Then we will welcome you to the twilight zone.If you make seniority and it is doubtful make sure you call the union hall and get a withdrawl card if you get laid off and do it yourself.Back dues are very painful! I started myself in October '98 and did not make seniority until '99 . First night on the the job (TWI) I had tickets for Monday night football WTF. Got there in time for the second quarter LOL.
    Also do not worry about raises make sure they want to keep you,then you will go into a raise progression of (4 years)subject to the contract which is about to change in 2013. Good Luck !
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