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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by brownrecluse, Nov 10, 2007.

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    I have just over 2 weeks of seasonal package driver experience w/UPS, and absolutely no union experience whatsoever.

    I recall filling out a union application at one of my preemployment paperwork sessions, and I was made aware of the fact that I would be paying union dues each week? month?... not sure which.


    Am I a union member as a seasonal driver? If so, I have no idea of what Local, etc.

    Do I have voting rights, representation, etc?

    If not... what exactly do my dues cover? (this is in no way meant to sound like I don't want to pay my dues... I am truly ignorant in union matters)

    However, as I continue to read in this forum... I don't believe that I'll be union-ignorant for long...:wink: Please correct me if I am wrong, but unless I'm missing something, for folks in my situation (newbie, with career aspirations) it sounds like the proposed new contract may be a step in the wrong direction. I acknowledge that this observation may be somewhat shortsighted. However. at this point in my career, I have no other frame of reference.

    What can I do to begin to educate myself on all things union, contracts, etc? I'd like to be able to carry on an intelligent conversation...
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    You would start by asking for a contract and reading it.

    No you are not part of the Union....though since you will be working under the Union's contract and accruing pension/health benefits - you will be paying dues.

    That is.....unless you work less then a month of seasonal driving. If you came on in June you'd be paying the monthly dues.

    If you start driving in December, there's a chance you will not get them taken out for December before you are let go.
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    the issue of union dues being taken out of seasonal employees is matter of an agreement between the company and the local rider in the area. While you are not a part of the Union, as a monetary arrangement with the local involved, the dues are nothing more than a price UPS pays to hire off the street workers. You unfortunately have to pay that price.

    Your dues are NOT going into any pension funds.

    If you are hired pernamently, then you would be subject to full initiation dues with NO credit for deductions during the peak season.

    Of course, not all locals have the same agreement with the company and the area your in may be a bit differently.

    Here for example, Christmas helpers have union dues deducted and they are not permanent employees nor do they get the benefit of Union representation if an issue arrose, again, the dues are only a price paid for the company to hire off the street.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thank you... I appreciate your comments.
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    It doesn't go into the pension but they ARE gaining pension credits as well as hours towards benefits.

    Though in reality, unless you were one of the summer seasonal drivers hired. It will all be moot.
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  8. Please don't waste your time with the TDU website. The inside page of their publication, The Convoy Dispatch, says it all when they reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone who doesn't agree with the TDU. Apparently they forgot to look up what "Democratic" means.

    Everything you need to know is at www.teamster.org and www.aflcio.org

    More people should take the time to educate themselves about their union as you are.
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    You are aware that we are not part of the aflcio anymore right? I didnt agree with the move, but it is what it is. How does that link help us with the contract? Is that you hall?
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    Some peeps don't like tdu getting info to people. Oh well.