Unique prospective-Express courier to UPS pkg car driver

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    I'm in the unique position to share a few things about both jobs. Worked at Express as a courier for 10+years. Now employed as a package car driver at UPS. First let me start by saying.

    Fred Smith is a horrible individual. Really an evil person. The way you guys and gals get treated in every facet of the job by mgmt is reprehensible. It's an absolute joke. From the takeaways to the lack of raises to the extended breaks and everything in between. Now I used to be the first one to say. "How hard could being a UPS driver be? On one hand a lot more stops. But the routes are much tighter." And the latter two are true.

    I'm here to tell you it is a totally different animal. They're not the same job. There are days where I can't even walk in the morning when I first wake up I'm so sore. Routes heavy on commercial stops are grueling. And when you are low man on the totem pole that's what you do. No cake residential heavy routes. That being said I love it. Because you have a financial future at UPS. Wouldn't do anything different if I had to do it all over again. People at my center are great. Supes are cool. It's a much better environment. It's really a job to be proud of. I keep my head down and don't get involved in any of the politics or complaining. A lot of the old timers complain but it's mostly complacency. They have the job and the great pay so what else is there to do but complain. They wouldn't trade it for anything IMO. You have a future working at UPS. Top rate is great when you make it there. It's a living wage unlike Express. But you work for it. You earn every penny of that hourly wage. You stay out till you're done! Period. You get home LATE some nights. The later start times are great. No loading your own truck is a big plus. Really like that. It's no cakewalk.

    Just wanted to give my perspective on both jobs. I wish you guys and gals at Express the best. You deserve to be treated better then you are treated. Deserve consistent raises. But you do not deserve to be paid UPS wages. If Ground freight was combined with Express, then you would deserve UPS wages.
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    Well said. Congratulations on getting out. IMO, a lot of younger FedEx employees need to jump ship and head over to Brown. If you can afford to pay your dues as a sorter for a few years, it's well worth it if you want a job in this industry. There is zero future at FedEx. When you're 25, or even 35, retirement seems a long ways off. Believe me, it comes up fast. Think about your future and that of your family for a moment. When you leave FedEx after a "career" what will you have to show for it? A puny annuity and your 401k, which you probably cannot fully contribute to because FedEx has cut hours and made top-out a 20-year ordeal.

    My UPS package car friends all make at least 85k. That's with free medical, a great pension, and union representation. Yes, the job is more demanding, but it is well worth it, as you point out.
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    So you agree it's not 'same job, different trucks'.
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    Sometimes. Let me explain. In my opinion, the jobs are very similar when you take into account the much wider areas covered by Express couriers, the on-call factor, and the multiple service area. For me, it's very similar. My W-series vehicle is packed every day, and I currently have 3 UPS drivers within the territory I cover. 2 of those UPS routes literally cover a couple of streets. It's driveway to driveway, with very little in-between driving. That's where the physical UPS pounding come-in. In and out of the truck constantly. Most of their stops are house stops (regulars), so they have far less juggling and route planning to do. Physically, more stressful, but mentally, less stressful. Again,my opinion. You're free to differ. UPS drivers also have the "fun" of Telematics to deal with.

    So, UPS is more physically demanding. Please remember that they don't load their own trucks either. My experience with UPS was in Feeders, and that job was actually easier than the FedEx RTD job because it was all drop and hook. I ran everything...NDA runs, center runs, and railyard runs for containers and piggyback trailers. No expectations of handling packages or pulling containers.

    Let's get to it. What's your beef with me? You vacillate between supporting FedEx and hating on it. Which is it? It seems like you're always gunning for something that will somehow prove me wrong.
  5. UnsurePost

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    If your life revolves around the almighty dollar, sure UPS is better.

    By the way - the health care may be "free" to everyone else, but $800/year union dues isn't free to me.
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    True, but it's very little to pay in return for what you're getting in comparison to us. If you were to believe FedEx, you pay $6,000 per year in union dues, and Mafia-type thugs beat you up every day in the parking lot.
  7. UnsurePost

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    When you need that $250/hr lawyer to fight WC for you when your body breaks down and UPS denies any responsibility, stemming unreasonable workload and years of abuse (which the op alludes to), that extra cash goes pretty quickly.

    The grass is always greener...hope it works out for the OP, anyway.
  8. ManInBrown

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    Where in my original post did I say the workload was unreasonable? It's a tough job. Not for the faint of heart. Top rate pays very well. IMO it's worth it. Money makes the world go round.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    Most of us at FedEx don't expect to be paid UPS wages and benefits. We just want an honest days pay for an honest days work. The jobs may differ a lot and UPS do deserve what they are paid. We at FedEx do work hard, some more than others, and deserve more than we are getting. For the record do you really think FedEx doesn't fight WC claims? At least you can save up some cash for that fight. A lot of us are just trying to make ends meet and pay for medical that we can't afford to use.
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    Yeah we def earn our money at brown. You get that ass whooped like a dog almost every day. Its funny how some fedex drivers bitch about 70 or 80 stops a day. Im just like dude id get that done on 3 or 4 hours are u kidding me lol. Tha would be like half a day ll. But bottom line is if you want that big cheese your going to work long hours and get dat :censored2: whooped every day, it is what it is. Not complaining I guess about that 85 to 90k dis year. I can handle a lot of stops just wish we could start at 7 or 8am that's all.
  11. Cactus

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    Nobody on here I can think of demanding UPS wages, we're just all looking for a fair shake.
    Now Smith on the other hand (and his buddies) iare raking in millions every year dispite their piss poor management skills while the top dog at UPS makes somewhere around $350K yearly. Now what's wrong with this picture?
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    your 70-80 stops would be grouped around 40 service miles; while some of the cover routes i do is the same amount of stops but with a 250 mile service area... that's where it differs & i'll get that done in 8-10 hours ( depending if i break the speed limit at certain areas)

    guess i won't let them try to match the UPS temp pay to what i'm currently going to get this peak
  13. UnsurePost

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    I didn't quote you, I said you alluded to it..which you did.
    Some can and do say that 9-11 hour days as a UPS driver, for thirty years, is an unreasonable workload. You can disagree.
    But you'd have to explain why the union and company waste all of this time and money hashing out 9.5 language, harassment, article 17 etc.
    I'll bemore interested in your opinions in a few years, when you have a little tenure and seniority to bid different assignments.
  14. UnsurePost

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    UPS CEO makes somewhere around 13 million, 1 million flat base. With large increases (22% in 2012) in recent years, since the crash.
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    my Fedex health care plan for family would cost 4000 plus a year and thats if you dont have to use it!!! $800 for union fees, cmon, even you have to see the absurdity of that logic..right?
  16. fedupped

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    AND i dont expect 35 dollars an hour. But...I think the second largest package delivery system should be within $8 of thier top out..right..surely you can see the absurdity of this argument..right?? or we dont make enough profit..???

    Insider Trading Activities at Fedex Corp (FDX)
  17. jumpman23

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    I agree its bs what they pay u guys. But at same time fedex don't work as hard as us. But putting that aside they should still come up with a fair payscale for you guys and some type of raises every year for you guys.

    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    This is exactly what we have been saying. You guys work damn hard for your compensation and no one denies that fact. We work damn hard as well all be it not as hard as you guys but we deserve fair compensation for our hard work. A lot of us work the am and pm sorts on top of their routes, so the physical demand is not a piece of cake like some think.
  19. ManInBrown

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    IMO what would be fair for Express would be to first scrap the different market rate scam.

    I live on the west coast in a big city. And when I left top rate was 26 and change. Which was a fair hourly rate for the job. Top out should be 3 years. Also consistent yearly raises.

    IMO that would be fair for Express. It's not the top rate that's the problem. It's a very fair wage for the work performed at Express by couriers. It's the 30 year scam to get to top rate that's the problem. At this point it's not attainable for a large percentage of the workforce. Under current conditions a large majority will never even sniff anywhere near top rate.
  20. Route 66

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    The average UPS guy does bust his tail on the road more than the average FedEx guy does - however, comparing the toughness of the job based upon stop counts between the two is comparing apples to oranges.