United Way and Hourly UPS Stock Owners

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    Please here me out to the very end. There are some decent things here at UPS such as a decent wage, pension, and benefits which could be better but there's alot worse out there than what we have. Atleast that's how I feel here in the Northeast. On the otherhand, we have managers and supervisors who are brainwashed by UPS to harass, intimidate, and bully each and every driver to increase production. They will lie, stab us in the back, and throw us under the bus just to save their own jobs because they can't handle the pressure from Corporate! I know too many supervisors and even some management that are so stressed out that they look 100yrs. old, morbidly overwieght, heavy smokers&drinkers who are so are suspected of dabbling in illegal drug use who wished they were drivers because they have no say in any matter and know everyday they come to work their job is on the line. I know alot of management people who have cracked and are on stress leave, some who just quit because it wasn't worth to stay here, and the lucky ones who found other jobs in this econmy. My point is this--- if every union hourly employee never contributed to United Way. I am not saying don't donate to your favorite charities just DO NOT do it thru the UPS WEELKY DEDUCTION PAYROLL. Do it w/ your own checkbook. Secondly, I know there use to be a 10% now a 5% break on the UPS stock ownership and everyone wants to put a little nest egg away for the future and I do understand this. I amjust saying if all hourly union employees sold all of our stock and weekly deductions for the plan we could send a HUGE MESSAGE to CORPORATE that we don't need their stock and to go find money somewhere else. Our stock has increased it's dividenr, but it hasn't done a thind since it went public for three reasons---65% of the stock is owned by BIG MUTUAL FUNDS, Wall Street hates UNION COMPANY STOCKS, and last and most important is the the stock is controlled by OUR BIGWIGS in ATLANTA! Thats the truth because If I recall only 10% of our class B shares which equals 1% of our overall company is PUBLIC so therefore ATLANTA will always control the STOCK! WE need to send a message to Atlanta that we dont need the sticking stock! By the way I DO NOT OWN ANY UPS STOCK! I research and find alot of highr paying stocks to add to my portfolio which have done ALOTTTT better over the past 10-15years than UPS STOCK. I would love to hear eveybodies feedback on these two topics. All the Best to Each and Everyone of You! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
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    I believe in '96-'97 ups stock was $10-$14 a split adjusted share. plus you probably got $15-$20 a share in dividends. Hindsight is always 20/20. The key is to look forward not background.
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    You started off ok. Employees of UPS do make a decent living for the most part and should be glad that they’re employed in this economy.
    Then you go management bashing. Old stuff, you just have to take the good with the bad I guess.
    Wow sounds like prison……..LMAO!
    So your message is don’t donate to United Way and sell all your stock or don’t buy UPS Stock. Good thing you’re in feeder and not on the board of directors. Happy Holidays to you!
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    I knew I shouldn't have read it all the way to the end.
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    Before you quit donating to United Way, take some time to go to some establishments that rely on UW's support. I'm not pleased with some things United Way supports but there are far more worthy causes that need the help than most understand. I designated my contributions to charities I agree with and it is a painless easy process. Get :censored2: at UPS for other things, but leave United Way out of it.
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    Did you forget to roll down your window in rig when you farted. I think you may have inhaled some of your own gas!!
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    Its all good though... you can simply donate to the charity of your choice directly...... no need to get UPS involved
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    Good thing feeders only have to find one stop because I have serious questions about your ability to get from one point to another. Wow.

    I thought we were probably in trouble when you started with please "here" me out
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    Very funny replies, but in all seriousness. Rammingfeeders, does have a point. In that corporate wants us to donate our money and now our time to the United Way as a way of showing compassion and caring, yet many in management demonstrate the complete opposite.
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    united way president brian gallagher recevies a 375,000 base salary along with numerous expense benefits.
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    red cross president and ceo marsha j evans salary 651,957 plus expenses.salvation army commissioner todd bassett 13,000.per year.(plus housing)96 percent out of every dollar goes to the salvation army.
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    Yikes, think of that. How many UPSers donations have to pay this man before any money goes to the charity? How many UPSers donations mean nothing because this guy gets paid first?

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    You hit it on the head. I donate to The Salvation Army and Food for the Poor. They do the most good. Feed, clothe and give shelter to the most needy. The United Way blows too much on b.s. I give a small amount each week to the U.W. just to keep them off my back. I donate to the others throughout the year privately. I don't want UPS getting any credit for that.
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    Well how about a little analysis...UW took in over 4 billion in contributions last year. If the salary statement is accurate and we add $25,000 in expenses, our CEO of this worldwide organization took $00.0001 per contributed dollar. That leaves a little left over for the 1285 local United Way agencys to distribute. If only UPS'ers donations paid the salary the number would be higher per person yet still insignificant. If 1 in 4 UPS employees contributed (average past number) less than $.08 per week would pay his salary. But of course just UPSers don't pay his salary. Really folks, if you don't want to contribute, move on. Give your donations to Salvation Army, it is a great charity. UPS just makes it a little easier with the weekly deduction.
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    600K to run a giant organization. Sounds reasonable. Chris Johnson makes that a game running for 25 yards. Why did I draft that bum!
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    I have chosen to give to local non profits in my area. I do think the UW does a lot of good, but I also think that they are WAY to top heavy with salaries and compensation.
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