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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Amurion, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. Amurion

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    I have just recently gained seniority as a permanent part timer at UPS and things have been going moderately well. Then my school semester heated up. I am trying to see if I can drop a few credits to make things work. Otherwise I am thinking about having to put in my two week notice, since I just gained seniority, will I have any backlash with quitting so soon? For me, school is my priority. So, yeah, I am just curious about that and how it would affect me in the long run by quitting. Thanks.
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    First and foremost, STAY IN SCHOOL!!! I've posted my story on this subject a couple times.

    I don't know what your rehire status would be as a result of leaving so soon. I was promised a positive rehire status when I left a month ago after about 10 months of service (second stint). It's all up to your full-time supe....-Rocky
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    Can you transfer to another sort?

    We are heading into peak right now so I doubt they want to let anyone with experience go... If you are good then your center manager would want to keep you and should offer a different shift.
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    That really wouldn't be much of an option either, I am just running out of time. My facility is rather small, we only have two sorts, I am currently on the evening sort and the morning sort interferes with my classes, which is funny, because once peak starts, it may interfere with my afternoon classes as well.
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    If the company values you, then they will compromise with your school schedule somehow to make things work. I doubt they will do this though but who knows they may surprise you.

    Many years ago when I was in college, I had to take a class that was only offered in the evenings (one night a week at 8pm). I was a PT sorter in the local sort (evenings). I presented this to my sort manager at the time and amazingly enough he allowed me to leave early one night a week so that I could get to class on time. It almost brings a tear to my eye that UPS actually expressed ... holy crap ... compassion.

    Anyways, that was years ago and I have no idea what their current position is on this.

    Good luck.
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    UPS knows for many PT employees that school is priority. Depending on your facility, they may or may not be able to accommodate you. Instead of asking us, you should talk to your manager and Employee relations supervisor first and let them know whats going on before its TOO LATE to do ANYTHING at all.

    You should have had a general idea of how difficult it is to balance work and school before you accepted the job. If I were UPS, I would be a little upset because they spend the time to hire and train you, then you quit on them. I understand that there are some unforeseen circumstances but again, this is something you should have thought about before you accepted the job.

    Hopefully they will give you a positive re-hire status, but that is going to be up to your MGR to decide. So the best thing to do is let them know as early as possible. Maybe you can work something out and avoid A). quiting or B). becoming ineligible for re-hire.
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    My full-timer here in Colorado did the same thing for me. I couldn't handle the B.S. I was getting on the job, though. So, I quit. Considering I start a job paying about twice what I was making slinging packages in two weeks, I have no regrets. -Rocky