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    I am a 20 year combo employee, air driver outside, sorter inside. My wife and I am going through some financially "challenging" times right now. We are in the middle of filing a bankruptcy in order to rearrange our debts and keep our house and property. Before everything is final with our chapter 13 my wages will probably be garnished for 2-3 months. I know legally I cannot be fired for having my wages garnished but is there anything UPS can do/will do as far as talking to me, changing my job, harrasment etc?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.
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    I don't see why ups would do anything with your hours because of your financial situation. If they get a letter telling them to take money from you they do and when they are to stop they do that as well. I don't know why this would affect your daily routine with the company. They just do what is asked. I know a guy at work that had his wages garnished and nothing changed at work for him. Good luck with your situation and hope that in the next several months you can return to some kind of normalcy.
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    That sounds reasonably to me, never been through it or know anyone with UPS that has.

    Jim, I am in no way demeaning you or scolding you, I don't know why you are in this situation(quite frankly it is non of my business). I just want to say, if it is of your own making...learn form this horrible situation. Gook Luck to you...seriously.
    If you have the opportunity, check out Dave Ramsey's website, this guy has a pretty good handle on how to manage financial problems.
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    From what I read from BBAG's posts, doesn't UPS charge for wage garnishments?
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    In the event of notice to the Employer that a court order has been issued
    requiring the Employer to withhold a percentage of an employee�s wages to
    satisfy a garnishment, the Employer may take disciplinary action if the
    employee fails to satisfy such garnishment or wage assignment within a
    seventy-two (72) hour period after notice to the employee that the Employer
    is considering disciplinary action. However, the Employer may not discharge
    any employee by reason of the fact that his/her earnings have been subjected
    to garnishment or wage assignment for any one (1) indebtedness. An
    employee may be suspended by reason of the fact that his/her earnings have
    been subjected to garnishment or wage assignment for any one (1)
    indebtedness, but any such suspension must be for a fixed, stated period of

    If the Employer is notified of three (3) garnishments or wage assignments for
    more than one (1) debt, irrespective of whether satisfied by the employee
    within a seventy-two (72) hour period, the employee may be subjected to
    discipline. However, the employee may not be discharged upon notice of a
    third (3rd) garnishment, under this provision, unless and until the Employer
    has actually begun withholding the employee�s wages on a second (2nd) debt.
    If the Employer has an established practice of discipline or discharge with a
    fewer number of garnishments or wage assignments, or impending
    garnishments or wage assignments, and if the employee fails to adjust the
    matter within the seventy-two (72) hour period, such past practice shall be
    applicable, provided it does not result in the discharge of an employee prior
    to the actual withholding of the employee�s wages for a second (2nd) debt.

    A garnishment for child support or alimony shall not be considered a debt
    for purposes of discipline.

    The Employer shall comply with federal, state and local law in enforcing the
    provisions of this Article. Discipline or discharge pursuant to this Article
    shall be reasonable and nondiscriminatory.
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    I see that you can type our contract language very well, but where is he at? What does national say? his profile doesn't tell.
  7. 705red

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    First time using the computer? First time reading the contract? That is a cut and paste of the national language!

    I knew eventually some of you knuckleheads would make your way here to stir the pot!
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    He copied it from the page on your side navigation bar. Good try, though.
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    Went thru this same thing. UPS has a dept. that just deals with this. They have been very helpful in my situtation and I am thankful. Never been harrassed or spoken to about it!!
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    I am in Iowa. The garnishment would be for a one to two month period for collection of one debt. After one to two months my bankruptcy settlement takes over and I make payments to a court appointed trustee. The garnishment would be finished. From what the contract states I cannot be fired but I can be suspended. I'll talk to the union rep here. I don't quite understand the purpose of being suspended.

    I don't understand what is meant by: "the Employer may take disciplinary action if the
    employee fails to satisfy such garnishment or wage assignment within a
    seventy-two (72) hour period after notice to the employee that the employer is considering disciplinary action"?

    My attorney has told me UPS will get notice from the court directing them to withhold 15% of my pay from each check and forward it to the creditor. How could I not satisfy the garnishment or wage assignment? Unless UPS is giving me 72 hours to settle the entire debt or be suspended. I guess I don't understand the contract language.
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    Youre local management probably wont know something unless you let it get out and about, so if you dont want it to get out I wouldnt tell anyone about it
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    Which department? Do I contact human resources? I could try through but I would rather deal with someone locally if possible. I think I might contact them ahead of time and give them a heads up and ask some questions.
  13. drewed

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    I believe, the term satisfy in this situation is to pay the debt and/or set up a plan with the creditor to pay the debt
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    What would be the purpose of disciplining someone over this, besides not providing information in adequate time?
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    the only reason I can see why they would want to discipline, especially terminate an employee for a 3rd debt garnishment is that maybe they view that employee more likely to be tempted to steal and sell the goods in order to have money which is apparently in short supply for that employee. UPS must have felt strongly about this enough to include it into the contract language.
  16. Livin the Dream?

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    They do.

    There are state guidelines for the amount allowed to be charged per week for the honor of being garnished. UPS does not / will not care.

    There are state mandated maximum percentages of gross pay that UPS (any employer) is allowed to take from a paycheck, regardless of garnishee amount. Be sure to research and document it well, make certified copies, then throw them away. UPS does not care about that either.

    My understanding is that BBAG never received any grief at all because of having a garnishment, so that is good. Never a word, never a hassle from UPS.

    Then again, BBAG worked 6 days last week and grossed less than $13.
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    So how things in Maryland BBAG? Having an alternate ego that you talk about in the 3rd person.....kinda creeper....
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    Isn't kind of strange for someone who hasn't been here for over a month, know so much about someone who parted ways with the BC for a while?

    Good comeback, DUKEDOG705
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    Not exactly sure what you are talking about, but we are both in PA :wink2: