UPS Brags about holding down Wages Below Inflation Prices

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by RealPerson, May 21, 2013.

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    Once an employee (Union or Non-Union) gets through progression.
    Raises should only keep in line with inflation ... that's a fact of business.
    Management people know if they want raises higher than inflation rates, they have to be promoted or go to another company.
    Alternately, they have to go into a filed where demand is higher and compensation is therefore higher.
    Information Services management people make more than Corporate management because there is greater demand for their skillset.

    It is of note, that Kurt said it was below inflation levels.
    ​He obviously was not speaking of inflation rates used by the government.
    I have a feeling that was just for 2010 fiscal year when there was a bump in inflation rates and there was even COLA raises for UPS Union employees.
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    We had a gal who just went through On Car Sup school. They told her during the class, every time we get a raise, they raise the stops per car. That is some of the craziest stuff I have ever heard. There's going to be diminishing returns eventually with SPORH.
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    Years ago I heard time allowances are a cost sheet, not a performance sheet (supposedly from an IE guy ) but nobody would admit it. But I did certainly see a change in allowances and dispatch after every raise.
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    UPS is digging their own grave. People dont have respect for UPS like in the past, that dont have a great reputation anymore, nobody really cares to work for them either. The company is going to continue to struggle immenseley finding a strong workforce with the starting pay so low for part timers and the time it takes to get a full time job. Good luck big brown!
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    They are already aware of that.
    ​They just do the best they can with the cards they are dealt.
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    They are the dealers!!!!
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    They are the Dealers.
    Record Profits even in a down Economy.
    USPS looks like trash, people don't want to use them, service sucks.

    Pay double Min wage Starting pay, catch up for PT workers to FT, 22.3 Job security
    I seen way more respect 18 years ago, when the wage was worth the work...
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    We have tours of new guys/gals come in every day of the week it seems. About 15-20 people in a tour trying to get hired. I try not to stare, but i can't help to wonder where they find these people. Most look homeless, but every once in a while there is always the random kid dressed in a three piece suit. Haha
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    Not really - the dealers are the market, the government, the competitors, the Teamsters, etc.

    They play the game but they don't make the rules or deal the cards.
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    They dealt the hand of cards they are holding.!!
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    I had 4 people ask me today if we were hiring.
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    Was our CEO's salary increased by more then ANY inflation reports calculation?
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    With all due respect, but I have to say BULLSHIP!! You can paint it anyway you want, but to say it is the market, government, competitors and the Teamsters, but you leave out corporate UPS. If it wasn't about my financial future, it would almost be humorous. I will say that we are all part of the equation that makes up the deck of cards.

    If they have no control over the cards, they should step down and let someone take the helm. Your comment is just about as bad as Joe blow standing in line for welfare with 8 kids from 8 different women blaming the rich.

    Side note. I have no problem with people using government assistance to get on their feet.
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    for those old enough to remember the philosopher cowboy Will Rogers and his "uncommon" common sense. he once said...

    " the company tries to keep the worker down, in turn the worker attempts to destroy the company. maybe one day we will get it. that if the working class is not doing well, the company does not have anyone to buy what they are selling. that doesn't mean breaking a company. it means a solid balance."

    I wish Will Rogers could've negotiated our contract.