UPS completely shut down in Seattle

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by wescaddle, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. wescaddle

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    UPS was completely caught off guard in Seattle the last 2 weeks. We received a pretty good snowfall here (for Seattle anyway), and since the snow (which is long since melted away) most residents in Seattle have still not received ANY of the packages that have been shipped to them in the last few weeks. FedEx and USPS both have had excellent service during this storm, but UPS is completely shut down. Most of us have packages that show being scanned into Seattle somewhere around the 17th or 18th and they are still not delivered. Many of my children's Christmas gifts still sit in a warehouse somewhere here in Seattle, nearly two weeks after arriving.

    I must admit, until this point I had always had great service from UPS, and I just can't figure out why they had such a break down. Anyone have any thoughts?

    PS- You can read some of the problems on a local Seattle Blog here:
  2. PopCan

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    UPS closed on New Years Eve? That doesn't sound right...
  3. redshift1

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    Your information is inaccurate.
  4. trplnkl

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    IT snowed in Seattle???? well.....huh...who'd thunk it?
  5. worldwide

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    "FedEx and USPS both have had excellent service during this storm, but UPS is completely shut down."

    UPS is not "shut down" in Seattle--they are out on the streets delivering.

    If you read the comments from the blog link that was posted, there are just as many people posting that they are waiting for FedEx deliveries as they are UPS deliveries.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Next Day, 2nd Day and 3 Day will be delivered and only pickups that call will be serviced. But, I would think (personally) that UPS could use this day to try and get caught up.
  7. brownrodster

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    UPS was out there 12 hours per day delivering. Fedex actually shut down for a couple days. But UPS never did.
  8. brownrodster

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    New Years Eve and Day are paid Holidays. However, we are working Eve this year to help catch up on undelivered Xmas presents.
  9. 1989

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    Blame it on the city and county...They are incompetant...EXAMPLE: If you have a package for John, and Dave sits next to him. Dave will try to call John then ask 3 other people to sign for it. Then as you walk away Dave may (but, not always) sign for it.
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    Nice try, Wescaddle. I have read articles where people were amazed to see UPS cars on the road during the recent storms. And in complete contradiction to your story, they mention the absence of any FedEX service during these times. Now, put on your silly little purple uniform and get out there, your story is too easily refuted.
  11. brownrodster

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    People automatically think that because their road is plowed that they are entitled to delivery. Drivers are dispatched with almost double what they can accomplish in a day. So they simply cannot make it to every corner of their service area in a day. I was bringing back hundreds of packages every night undelivered. It was because I ran out of time. The snow slows us down a lot. I had to walk long distances to deliver packages through deep snow. That is not fast.
  12. brown67

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    We went through the same thing 2 years ago in Colorado. Big blizzard with 3 feet of snow and then 2 more large storms following each week after that. You would not believe the rumors that were reported on the news. We (UPS) only were shut down a couple of days while FEDEX and USPS were taking several days off with each storm. We had customers saying the same thing, because of bad reports in the local news and in the newspapers.

    A lot of the time it wasn't our center holding up the delivery it was all the bad roads the kept feeders from getting into Denver. We would clean up and then the feeders would make it in and we would be playing catch up again. All in all we did a very good job. Problem is the customers who wait til the last minute to ship/order packages and then get mad when it doesn't arrive before Christmas. Then hold us out as the scap goat instead of themselves.
  13. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    You`re right. The true meaning of Christmas was ruined because your kids didn`t get their gifts on time. And how dare those UPS drivers spend time away from their families and risk injury or worse by trying to attempt delivery as best they could under adverse,act of God, conditions. You should take all your future business to DHL. I`m sure they`ll do better.
  14. wescaddle

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    I understand your need to defend the company you work for, but it is UPS not FedEX or the USPS that is having all the problems here in Seattle (One of the major networks is now discussing it here:

    I am sure it's not the drivers fault, I know that they are out there delivering. I think the major frustration is the fact that customer service refuses to help or provide any information. It is also frustrating that there has been no snow on the ground now for at least four days. Why the hold up still? It must be a major failure in the distribution or sorting facility.

    Again, I'm not blaming the drivers, I am seeing reports of them out delivering packages up to 9:30pm, (so I know they are getting some good overtime as well!)

    So, with that said, are there any thoughts or comments why this has happened?
  15. Camping Nana

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    I'm curious as to how all these non-employee people are finding this site to air their gripes and beefs about UPS! I'm tired of it!!!!!!! UPS has the best record going!

    If you don't want to use UPS - specifiy another carrier - and for heaven's sake - DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO ORDER!!!!!! Especially in the winter!!!!! It may be clear as a bell with no weather problems where you live - but weather in other parts of the country can definitely hamper the delivery of your packages!

    Okay - off my soapbox now! - Everyone have a Happy New Year!
  16. ikoi62

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    are you sure about the 3 day packages?
    i recall that they were considered ground.
  17. DownsizedUPS'er

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    you hae made an excellent point. one i was going to start a thread about but you beat me to it. why, and how, are customers able to post their issues here. and why would the post stay? i tried to help one customer who was doing that via pm's. but to no avial, they still continued to post on the boards. members here are/were employees and are not on the clock. of course we will defend ups, especially in the casse of the above mentioned poster.

    this is a place for ups'ers past and present to come and gather. not for customers to come and rant. i dont mind helping them at all. but this is not the forum for that. imho. anyone else?
  18. I'mTheMan

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    I heard the news on TV last night that Redmond reported "Holdover" 60 trailers alone in the yard. I also hear Seattle have 37 hold over trailers as well. There's mix of 1,2,3, Ground, and International were on hold in trailer. Plus I have seen an angry customer on this issue. Can't say I don't blame them but it could've have done better but center manager was here most of the night last night waiting for all package cars to be returned by 10 pm in hubs. center manager wants all the package to be keep deliver going till get the volume down from the racks. However, still, no helper on this so driver have to do them all itself and get it done. I feel sorry for the driver that gets very very tired by late end of the day with short sleep, and have come back early morning get out deliver again. Still, got a long way to go to get back to normal and UPS predicted it that it would be returned to normal after New years on this Friday.
  19. pickup

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    yeah, ask questions about the 5 seeing habits, thats been beat into all of our heads at this point.
  20. Highwayman

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    I heard on the radio that some towns in the northwest won't use anything to melt snow,rubber blades on snow plows. These tree hugger towns deserve to wait a little longer. Sand doesn't do it!:angry:

    P.S. The ocean is filled with salt water!:sad-little: