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    hey guys I got my packet for part time supe, and in it is a credit check, I can't remember if they did one on me when I first got hired, but does this mean if my credit sucks they will DQ me? because my credit took a crap when the economy went down.
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    If it DQ you consider it a blessing.
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    :/ I hope it don't DQ me. shoot to even get to a supe pay I'd have to be in the union 3-4 years to match the 12.50/13 they get an hour starting at base pay. Right now Im at 10.50 and just finished probation yesterday, yea I see all the politics on both sides but for me its like I got two degrees, and in two more years I can get a bachelors and get into full time management. Just seems like the logical route to go, and considering my feeder hub hasnt hired a driver in years, and wont be, its a tough decisions :(.
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    You have a better shot of FT with driving. The way the are cutting management, I would think a FT sup job would be tough to get.
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    Whether it is right or wrong, employers equate the way that you handle your finances with the way that you will perform your job. Credit checks are not limited to employement---landlords, insurance companies, etc., are performing credit checks on potential renters and insurers.

    You said that you have two years left before your get your bachelor's degree. I suggest that you use this time to work on your credit as you don't want anything to hold you back when interviewing with potential employers. A good credit score is 680 or better.

    The decision to make the move in to management is yours to make. It may surprise you to know that there are many drivers who have their four year degrees. The Union does provide protections that you will not have in management but the mental challenge as an hourly worker at UPS is minimal.
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    But what do you have to do to get that $12.50 an hour? Is it worth the stress and the hours? And just because you have a degree it will not guarantee advancement into FT mgmt.
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    Our pt preload sup quit, finally, because she realized she was never going FT. They aren't promoting here.
  8. A zero credit score is good too
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    Yea its upper management that seems to be mentally challenged.